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Cap And Gown



I bought my cap and gown today, for graduation.

"Today" meaning Friday, despite it being 3am on Saturday, because it's still today, Friday, because I have not gone to bed yet.


So I guess this whole graduation thing is really happening in a week.

A "week" being seven days, counting from today, technically Saturday.


Until then I'd best send out resumes and pack my room.

And I kept telling myself I'd go where jobs are, but then I actually see job listings for reporters in places NOT in my home area (or relatively near) and I think "on second thought, do I really want to move to Minnesota or California or Iowa right now, so soon? At all?

We'll see.


-CF :kakama:

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I must say, congrats on the soon-to-be graduated!


Fair warning though - Don't move to CA. Prices on everything are through the roof, and you'd more than likely find a nicer place in I guess Minnesota or Iowa, but I don't know those states very well.


Either way, congrats again!



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