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The Glitch Mob Can Triforce



Anyone else here know of The Glitch Mob? I've kinda had a bit of an obsession with them lately. :B Just broke down and bought Drink The Sea.




I really love the feel of this whole album. It has a powerful sound, but remains surprisingly calming. The first track, Animus Vox, Is easily my favorite, though he rest of the album is pretty much on par with it. It's a great album all around.


I also got Warrior Concerto (from Together We Can Make The World Stop) for free. It was released in a sweepstakes that ended last year, but the download is still available. Ha! On my iPod's A-Z song list, it plays right before Warrior's Dance (The Prodigy); the combination of the two songs sounds awesome.


I love discovering new electronic music. ^w^


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Yeaaaaah I did :B


But hey it was worth the $9.90.


Also @thebeggerpie, definitely do so. I suggest looking up the following songs to begin: Animus Vox, Dream Within a Dream, Between Two Points, Fortune Days.

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