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Uranianumbra [Homestuck Spoilersssss]



So yeah if you're an active Homestuck reader you shouldn't be reading this if you aren't up to date



=About 2 hours of sporadic work


So this is an attempt at making a portrait of the most recently revealed Homestuck character.

Just in case you couldn't tell, this being is female and no she is not a zombie or a ghoul or whatever,

she's a really nice character and has all of my sympathy


Any thoughts are appreciated.


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I haven't been reading homestuck much but I decided to check some recent updates and I was like WHAT

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Not enough cheekbone. :b

Also the bow tie looks a little weird since the rest of her shoulders aren't there. Maybe noticeable eyelashes would make her femininity more apparent?


Other than that, this is quite a cool Calliope.

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I have little concept of what an homestuck is so I'm coming in with the obligatory Doctor Who reference here:


Bow ties are cool.

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lol Chols, that sums the reaction of the rest of the mspa fandom up pretty good


Oh yeah and Dotcom, I tried to make the facial proportions closer to the canon ones at first, but that didn't turn out very well.

I think I'll do a new drawing when we get to see uu and what features differ between him and Calliope.

And you're right about the bow tie, although I think it's the best way to put that dash of red in there? I'm open to other suggestions.


Sumiki, you make me wat as usual


(this is a good thing)

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