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¡viva Cristo Rey!

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Just saw For Greater Glory today; just it time it seems, as it's practically out of CT already.


Overall, it was an excellent movie, although I hear that it was somewhat inaccurate when it came to Gorostieta and Fr. Vega.


It was most certainly tragic, although it would have been more so if they had actually mentioned the immediate effects that the end of the war had. It was also quite violent and filled with what might be termed 'disturbing images'; namely people being hanged, shot, stabbed, shot, etc. Fortunately, violence isn't something that fazes me.


One of my favorite things all out however is their portrayal of Catholicism; too often you see movies completely misrepresenting Catholicism (Season of the Witch for instance), so it was refreshing to see it presented accurately.


I am totally looking for it to come out on DVD.

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Yeah, I've heard it was a pretty good movie. I definitely hope to see it before it leaves theaters here. I'm really glad about the way it portrays Catholicism -- I've heard from multiple people that it does so very accurately.



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Biggest problem I could find was that they used full hosts in mass, which I found a little illogical; given that they're in war, and thus would want to conserve on supplies as much as possible, you'd think they'd use the smallest hosts, or parts of hosts that they could.


Then there was the twenty second debate me and my brother had over a layman giving absolution; we concluded it would have the same effect as a perfect act of contrition.


Buuut, I'm babbling rather; concise enough, it was a good portrayal, and very refreshing.

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