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Comic And Question



New comic is up! It covers the subject of learning new things.


Now, I have a question to pose to you. My friends were talking about being productive with their evenings (both are fellow physics grad students), and I had mentioned that I had felt really productive lately due to the fact that I made two reviews (one of which no one has commented in yet. show it some love!) and finished my latest comic. Then they replied, "I wouldn't really call that productive; you just do that for fun."


To be fair, my one friend was working on a paper she's trying to get published, but I feel I have to defend myself. While I do enjoy writing these set reviews and my comics (which I'm sure you all would love me to update more often), they do take honest work to produce since no one would want to read a review written by a twenty-three-year-old that looks like it was written by a four-year-old. I tried to convince them otherwise, but they kind of shrugged it off.


So, my question to you is this: do you think that working on these "hobbies" is not productive? Just curious on your opinion. :)


P.S. Please do not say anything hurtful about my friends, as they are my friends, and I do love them very much.




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I'm working on a podcast for the BZPRPG for a hobby. If that's not productive, I don't know what is. So yeah, Hobbies are very productive, the only difference is that rather than a physical reward of some kind(grades, money, etc.) you get back enjoyment and fun.

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