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Well Oh My

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It's been 5 years since I lost my original account. Or more accurately, five years since I had this one. Wait, goes to check...oh, the spinny hasn't updated here, but anyway, yes, it has been. That's incredible how time has passed in this way.


So, ever since this whole mess started all that time ago, I've debated whether it should be removed permanently. Because frankly it's embarrassing with it's constant state of zombietude, just being all ruining everything in the member list and such. My thinking is that now that the board has been split into two, with the archive and regular board, that if I was to ask for the old account to be nuked here, it would still exist on the other site. Also in the end whether it really matters because all topics from that account are linked to on the right, so if the account was to disappear from the archive as well, at least the topics will remain and I'll be able to find them.


My only concern is whether there would be a risk to this account, though I imagine there wouldn't be, considering they're different member numbers and different emails attached. The only other thing is that I'm guessing that my original blog would disappear, so I might want to grab myself an archive of it, because I find it interesting at the very least. Also a reminder of how much of an COOL DUDE I was/am.


Anyway, what do you think I should do? Keep or remove? In either case, I'm not going to go asking about removing it quite yet.



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Let's nuke the account we torched 2,000 times before, this time we'll blast it all to [Removed. Please do not bypass the wordfilter.-Nukaya].


J/K :P


Seriously, if it involves loosing your old posts in the old forums, I would say keep. It's sometimes nice to read what you wrote like two years ago or so and discover how much (or how few) you've changed.

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I just seriously doubt that's the case, though. Everything we do on the new board doesn't seem to affect the archive in anyway. Like for instance someone who had been made a staff member since the upgrade, like...*goes to find an example* Velox is still listed as a Premier Forum Mentor on the old board, when now he is clearly a Premier Forum Assistant. So if I was to get the old account deleted on this board, I would reckon it's still going to exist over in the old. I mean, there are no posts from the old account in the new board, so I would think losing posts would not happen. The things I've got to consider is whether to keep the old blog (probably no huge priority, I'll keep an archive for myself anyway), and also the potential threat to the existence of this account, which I think is only a very minor threat.


Because in the grand scheme of things, all of this REALLY MATTERS.



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