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The other day I decided to look at my comics from start to finish to remind myself of where I started and how far I've come to get to the comics I have today, and I have determined the following.


I sucked in the beginning. I mean, I was awful! Did I really actually think some of those comics were post-worthy? Holy Mukau!


Seriously, go over to my topic and read the first couple comics. Then, cry in a corner. For several hours. That's what I did. :P


In unrelated news, I've been toying with the idea of voicing some of my comics in a sort of strange animated-comic sort of way. Would anyone anywhere think this would be entertaining? KK may even have a role. :P




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Hoho man, there's nothing quite like looking back on your old works and then screaming for like, the rest of eternity. I wrote some real messes when I was starting out years ago. (Granted, I'm pretty sure I'm still writing messes, they're just dressed up nicer now.)


As for the animated comic idea, motion comics are sort of neat; if you think you'd enjoy it, definitely go for it.

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