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Random BZPer of the Week #300!

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Well folks, this is the big one. For 300 weeks, for 5.75 years, I've been highlighting one of the now 46764 members on BZPower. I've only covered 0.6% of the whole BZPower fanbase. Nearly 80 members a week on average join BZPower. Wait, really? I'm not really sure on my maths on the last one, that sounds bizarre. Anyway. For real, now, I'm calling it quits. 300 is quite enough. Why on earth I kept this up for this long is beyond me. Especially with my ignorance about everything. But you guys and girls enjoyed it, right? As much as one can enjoy me just rehashing info from someone's profile, often profiles that barely have any information. And all those banners. Wow. So ends what's sort have become a BZPower blog institution, the Random BZPer of the Week. Thank you. Let's see who the final one is. Oh I say I say I say, how appropriate...




Ta-metru_defender has 10161 posts (4 Star Rating, 2791 Profile Views) and joined BZPower 27-December 03. He is a Premier Blog Assistant (hence, blog), has an avatar of some guy from what I believe is Metal Gear Solid (watch as how hilariously wrong I am!), has a banner of the LEGO Ironman minifig, currently lives in South Carolina (after being nearly everywhere, man), has a LEGO.com account, and loves films (watching and directing, nice), among all sorts of books, games, TV shows and bands. He also has too many #5 films, but that's OK, because who can choose?


He last visited on the 13th of July 2012, and his birthday is the 6th of June 1991. Another one of those people who I always assumed was older than me (well, OK, he is by just over a month, but you know what I mean).


And this is it, the last banner, and the last dumb banner message. Thanks for reading everyjuan.




Which now brings me to something else.

This point will also mark the point where I'll be taking my leave of BZPower. I think it's time I moved on, for real this time. There is stuff in my life I need to work on, to fix, and such. But I thank this wonderful community for the past 7 years, it's been a blast. You've been so kind, so warmhearted, and frankly its been a joy to know you all. You're amazing people, no matter what other people say, no matter how much I've distanced myself from you all. Thank you.


If you want, I've set up a Twitter account, which you can see in the About Me section on the left. You can follow that if you want, I'm not sure when or why I'll post things on there, but you're more than welcome to send a message to me over there for whatever reason. I don't actually know how things work on Twitter, so I'm assuming that's the thing you do, right? I dunno, anyway. There's also the email and such over on the left too, but I never really go there. I don't know, if anyone feels inclined to contact me, you have your ways.


That being said, I may come back here every now and again for some sort of life update or something. But for now, bye everyone, enjoy yourselves, and play well.



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If you feel it's time to go, go. But remember that BZP and all its folks will be here; if in your life's journeys you feel the want to return, the door is open.


Best of luck, man.

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Sad to so you go man, I've enjoyed reading this random BZPers of the week and I'll miss seeing them in the blogs. Best of Luck in everything.


P.S. His Avatar is actually Nathan Drake from Uncharted.

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Wow. 300 entries, banners, members. You've been stubbornly dedicated to this, and it is inspiring.


Farewell, wherever you fare, and may your eyrie receive you on your journey's end.

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