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Four years



So four years ago the Forum Mentor group was introduced and I was promoted to the staff. Four years later, I'm still a Forum Mentor and the only one of the original left still in that position.


I can't believe I've been a staff member for longer than I was a normal member. I couldn't really imagine it another way anymore. And there is really a lot I owe to my promotion, in terms of experiences, lessons and maturing. When looking back at when I was promoted, I realize I was actually still a kid. :P Between then and now, so much has happened. Now I'm about to start with university and I look forward to it. :rolleyes:


This also means I've been carrying the Senior News Finder title for a year. Boy, boy, how time passes. :rolleyes:


Thank you Black Six for promoting me and to everybody on the staff and on the site for making my job and that time worthwhile! Here's to another year! :)


-Gata signoff.png

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And that was the majority of what I was thinking while reading this post. XP


Congrats of four years of productivity! As for me, I'm still just a spastic member of the site. ^^

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