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Mission Aborted



As some of you may already know, Akano, KK and I are currently on a family vacation.


Here's where I'm at right now: Currently only our mom and I are awake. I figure I'll be the first person up normally (I'm the only real morning person in our family). Unfortunately, my younger sibling genetics are just itching for a practical joke (can't argue with that kind of biology).


So, I'll be looking for a marker.


My question is "What should I draw on Akano and KK's faces?"


With any luck they won't see this entry by the time the deed is done. XP


Thank you in advance for this most noble of causes.


Drat... No marker. I tried my best to get Akano with a G2 pen, but it woke him up when I was writing the F in "Farm Animals" =/


Looks like I'll need to think of other whacky hijinks for this trip. XP


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