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New Disguised Great Being Info



2 of the most important questions asked by fans answered:



1. The disguised Great Being was already named Velika before he inhabited the Matoran body. This brings the total number of currently known Great Beings to 3 (Angonce and Heremus)

2. Velika is indeed the killer of Tren Krom and Karzahni.




I did update the topic I created a week ago to reflect the new info.


Recommended Comments

Well, that's better.



Kind of weird and mysterious, but at least it's good to know who the murderer is, even if we still don't know what his exact motivation was. Also interesting that that is his name, seeing as how it doesn't much fit with the other two. Angonce, Heremus and Velika...


At least this means I can quit my whining about this. :b

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There's a goddess in a different story (a game) named Velik @.@


*city's named Velika*



Threw it in a spoiler, 'cuz I'm unsure if the name is actually a spoiler still :B


*doesn't keep up with the times*

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