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I'm cleaning the music files from my old iPod Nano (no longer need it so I'm handing it down to a family member). As this was my first real music player, I can see just how my taste in music evolved over the last few years.


I got the device for Christmas in 2008. On that date I added some BIONICLE music and an old Pokémon album. this was pretty much the entirety of my music collection at the time; surprisingly, I didn't like a lot of music then.


During 2009 I added a few video game soundtracks (Cave Story and World of goo specifically). I love both of these soundtracks even today. I enjoyed video game music greatly at the time, but I had no interest in any specific music artists. 2010 wasn't much different, with various video game remix albums added (mostly for Zelda music because Zelda has the best music).


2011 was when my music tastes began to expand greatly. I acquired two albums inn February: Daughtry by Daughtry and Pulse by Pink Floyd. These were the first albums I owned that were not promotional compilations or soundtracks/remixes, and subsequently developed a taste for rock music. For a while I stuck to these two artists, acquiring Leave This Town and Dark Side of the Moon the next month (by Daughtry and Pink Floyd respectively). By April, I took a liking to some other artists, such as Evanescence and Kasabian. I've since grown out of Evanescence since then, but Kasabian remains my favorite band still active, and I now own all of their studio albums. I also expanded my Pink Floyd library with The Division Bell and Animals by June. In August I took a liking to Daft Punk and purchased their live album Alive 2007, which was instrumental in developing my tastes in electronic music. Throughout the year I also collected a number of soundtracks (mostly from Valve, as well as the Okami soundtrack which is still the best thing ever), and some albums from David Gilmour and Cage The Elephant.


Unfortunately the collection ends there, as I replaced my iPod with a new iPod Touch on my birthday in October, but since then my library continues to expand. I still mostly listen to various forms of rock and electronic music, though I've begun to take a liking to other genres such as hip-hop (I currently enjoy Gorillaz and Massive Attack a lot, though I guess the latter is more trip-hop but whatever). I've also expanded my library for many other artists this year, including The Beatles, Billy Joel, The Glitch Mob, Justice, Kraftwerk, M83, The National, Of Monsters and Men, and many more (just naming some favorites).


Yeah, I just wanted to publish this somewhere before I have to go wipe my old iPod. It's been fun looking back and seeing how I've grown.




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:kaukau: I'm surprised: you're a year older than me, which means that you were probably a sophomore in high school at the beginning of this narrative. I think that by the time I was a teenager my musical tastes were pretty varied, to the point where there's no way I will ever complete the collection. It stretched from movie music (God bless John Williams) to classic music, rock music, soul music, jazz, pop, indie rock, and so forth, covering just about everything except for rap and heavy metal. My tastes haven't really evolved so much as they have grown and expanded as I find more and more music I like, even within the genres I previously ignored. The main thing that's evolved for me have been my music philosophies and how I would compose if I could write sheet music, but my appreciation of music remains the same as it was before: diverse, just even more so.



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My iPod still has a pretty limited library, actually. I've got...

  • ...Mike Oldfield music (which I listen to pretty much every night, and sometimes just for entertainment during the day). This makes up the majority of the music on my iPod.
  • ...LEGO Ninjago music (both 26 tracks from the TV show and four tracks by The Fold). Incredible stuff. The Fold's songs are kind of childish, but in a fun, Pikachu's Jukebox kind of way, not an "oh god I should be ashamed to listen to this" kind of way. I listen to my Ninjago music very regularly.
  • ...BIONICLE music (Power Pack and Cryoshell). I listen to it occasionally, usually when I don't have time for an hour-long album.
  • ...Trans-Siberian Orchestra (which I pretty much never listen to except in December).
  • ...A Series of Unfortunate Events music (the movie soundtrack and The Tragic Treasury)
  • ...The Lion King Original Broadway Cast Recording (I almost never listen to this, as it's nowhere near as good as when I actually saw the show live, and there's only a few songs I really love on it).
  • ...A:TLA and Korra music (great stuff, just like the Ninjago music, though I don't listen to this as often).
  • ...Pony songs (only listened to occasionally, since I tend to prefer instrumental music the majority of the time, but it's still good stuff). It's all stuff from the show-- I have not listened to much fan music, but I'm sure there's good stuff out there. Also I'm talking MLP:FiM, so no sea ponies.


I appreciate a wide variety of music, and get no shortage of country, classic rock, or even urban contemporary at home since those are the three music stations connected with the newspaper my mom works for. But I keep my iPod selection small because on my own time I almost invariably want to listen to something I'm passionate about.

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