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Halloween 2k12

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Watashi Wa


Alright, guys and gals. Halloween is just around the corner and I don't have a costume yet. Two ideas popped into my head recently and I need your help deciding between the two choices.


1) Handsome Jack (from Borderlands 2)






2) Mordecai (from Regular Show)



Handsome Jack, I think, would be a much cooler costume if I could find all the necessary components, but would be a bit more expensive. If I chose Handsome Jack, I'd also probably wear the costume to PAX East 2013 and get some fake internet karma points.


Mordecai would win the "awesome" award, at least at most of the parties I might attend. It would be EVEN BETTER if I could find someone to go as Rigby (but likely won't happen). And the biggest pro for dressing up as Mordecai, he would probably be much cheaper than Handsome Jack.



So! I need your opinions.


If I had a bunch of money I'd go as Corvo from Dishonored.

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Handsome Jack for sure. The hardest part would be the mask, and I've seen some nice instructions of how to build good looking 3D paper masks for Jack.


Also, if you do decide on Handsome Jack, buy a blue stuffed animal horse and put sparkles on it. You can be accompanied by Butt Stallion.



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