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New Collectibles!

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Toa Lhikan Hordika


So today I got in a package with some ultra rare collectibles and I thought I would brag and post some pictures:


Sorry to say in advance that this collection is not for sale.


Full pic of collection:








Closeup of the top 3 rows. Got room for a Gold Hau and Platinum Avohkii up top and if you've got a Metru Red Huna for sale, let me know! :



Kanohi Nuva:








Krana "Va":




Krana-Kal (Yes, I have two WMKK and a whole blank row for any GPKK I may get in the future):




Kraata (With what I believe is an all gold misprint on the bottom):




Kanoka - I am still missing a few, but I've currently got a few in the mail from Bricklink. Let me know if you've got a 416, 175, or Gold Kanoka that you're willing to sell.




Not the greatest quality picture, but here's the UDD Kanoka and the Numberless Disk of Time:




And finally, a sealed, unopened San Diego Comic Con edition of Vakama with an SDCC Kanoka that it was never released with:




- Toa Lhikan Hordika

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Recommended Comments

That's really impressive! Although...


In the Noble mask section, the pattern is mixed up from the rest on Onewa's mask. You have the Mahiki and the Komau switched as opposed to the other rows. =P


But yeah, that is awesome!

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Wow nice.

Do you plan to standardize the heads for the masks? The various eye/"brain" and head colors look weird.

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ET: PMed you about that.


Eljay: Fixed the Noble Kanohi. Not sure how I missed that.


HAZMAT: Standardize how? The only ones that don't quite seem to fit right are the heads I have with the copper masks. All of the rest, I think I did a good job organizing.


- :t::l::h:

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Hey, you have my prototypes! :o


Anyway, I'm trying to count the overall prototypes. There's the two I also have, the purple Tarix mask, the warm gold Avokhii, and the silver Kraahkan. Am I missing any?


Also, that purple Tarix mask is amazing.



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Ta-metru_defender, on , said:




Said the fellow staff-formerly-home-schooled-nerd on the Bionicle forum. :P


- :t: :l: :h:



Internet schooled. For one year. Sheesh. =P

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Jean: It cost more than I want to think about or admit, quite frankly. Altogether, not counting my set collection? Conservatively, I could say between $3000 - $4000 now that I think about it. And I'm still willing to pay more for the rest of the VMKK, GPKK, an SSKK, Metru Red Huna, Gold Kanoka, Gold Hau, and Platinum Avohkii =P. And I'm currently in Santiago, Chile.


TMD: Still as good as formerly home schooled to me.


- :t::l::h:

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I am in awe, especially of the brown Komau, white Huna, and navy blue Matatu, and the not so rare, but mask i've always wanted trans neon green Miru and yellow Komau the only mask i have that is considerably rare is the copper Komau, which is in practically mint condition, and i got it for $1, it is my baby, but i look to have a collection like this someday, people in my family don't seem to understand that i am a collector, to me it is not a child's toy, nor do i play with them, just build... unfortunatly, i can't really save up thousands, because my life situation is not so good... on a more somber note though, i am determined to own such masks, no matter how long it takes me to do so, because they mean something to us collectors, something others don't understand, i rest my case lol.

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