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No Shave Nov. Day 2



blog-0747754001351913464.jpgJust kidding. I haven't shaved for over a week. :P


-CF :kakama:


Speaking of November, I'm having a really hard time being motivated to start NaNoWriMo this year. I just have so much other stuff going on that I don't want to neglect by insisting I type on my computer for a few hours each day. That, or I don't have a story formed yet. If I did I'd probably want to jump right in. I was thinking of retrying one of two stories I've tried for the past two years, one steampunk and one sci-fi. And now I'm thinking I might just try both in one story! Maybe. *Sigh*


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:kaukau: Yeah, I have a lot of things going on as well. I have play rehearsal several hours every day and a lot of other small little demands that just pile up. For example, I have a payed art commission and due before Thanksgiving break that will earn me $200, so that's kind of important. Then I have to read a rather large book of over 1000 pages, do No Shave November, and on top of it all write a novel. This should be interesting. Although if I actually get all the things I want to get done complete, I will be eternally proud.


By the way, I'm jealous of your superior ability to grow facial hair.



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Yeah I'm not even trying for NaNo this year. There's just so many other things I'm busy with. I wonder if collecting everything you type in the month of November could be fun for NaNo rebel or something.

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I guess no formal job interviews for you this month. :P (Granted, even if I didn't have an interview coming up, I can't handle not shaving for a whole month!)


Good luck on the stories!



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