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Two by Two



Old man winter gave us a sheet of snow yesterday. Gotta love the first few flakes of the season (unless you hate snow or have no snow)


Know what this means? The trees are barren, their skeletons exposed, the sky is turning the most desolate shade of grey and soon the corpses of all the plants will be buried beneath a ghostly white grave.


PRETTIEST TIME OF THE YEAR! 8D Makes me want to visit a cemetary. ^^ Also puts me in the mood for a nice cup of Earl Grey...


Maybe it's because I've always felt miserable around this season and I got so down I'd look for anything positive in the world, but I always find all of those things to be some of the best sights of the entire year. <3


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Wisconsin is dragging out fall to soften us up. Then about a month from now we'll wake up to a foot and a half of snow and 3-degree forecasts.

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It didn't really stick, I'm sorry to say. I'm currently in the north eastern US. If you want to figure out which state, then you will have to partake in a game of life and death with these really cool looking watches on your wrist that show numbers ranging from 1 to 9. Your host shall be named 0 as 10 just sounds like bragging and is far less suspenseful.


Anyway, cemeteries have the prettiest landscapes ever and they're totally relaxing. =/

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