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:kaukau: Well, just consider a theme that will sum up the essence of what you expect your blog to look like, which should be easy to figure out, since it will essentially reflect you, this being your little corner on BZPower. I'd personally recommend putting the information bars all on one side instead of on both sides, and getting rid of nonessential information such as the "Who's browsing this blog" tab.


So anyway, congratulations on being Premier! Is it half a year, full year, or lifetime? Regardless, I hope you find great things to write about. If you happen to consider yourself a writer, then I really look foreward to putting this to good use.



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I think I've got a theme in mind.


And thanks! It's half year, since, to be honest, don't know if I'm sticking around for a full year again. But I did say that last year, so who knows?

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Thanks. =)


I also just accepted your friend request because I was going through my friends list at the time. I thought we were already friends (well, by definition on the boards) and I have no idea how long it was sitting there. =P

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