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More Progress Updates



I should probably make a RotR tag. Hm.

Anyway, more updates.


Hidden for those who want to play blind.




-As mentioned before, I added a section to Four Island, but still no Alamo.

----I was trying to create the final section of Four Island for the Alamo to be on, but then errors popped left and right and I was reminded why I hate mapping.

-I updated Mt. Moon. Nothing spectacular.

-Updated Cerulean to try to resemble how it is in HGSS. The Nugget Bridge has not been moved, however.

-Added a Hoenn Route, Route 121.

-Added a Hoenn Sea Route, Route 124. Sea Routes are awful and big.



-There are a lot of things I've been leaving out for no particular reason. I'll try to catch all of them.

-I haven't gotten around to adding in the Pokemon Icons.

-Gen 4 is 100% inserted.

-Magneton evolves into Magnezone at level 50.

-Electabuzz evolves into Electivire at level 50.

-Magmar evolves into Magmortar at level 50. (see a pattern?)

-Eevee does not evolve into Glaceon and Leafeon. The tool I'm using doesn't allow it and until I can find a way to have it evolve seven ways, it will remain that way.

----As a result, Glaceon and Leafeon can be found in the wild. Story goes that they were brought from Sinnoh and are incompatible with foreign Eevee. You cannot breed Glaceon or Leafeon as well.

-Eevee does evolve into Espeon via Sun Stone and Umbreon via Moon Stone. I may change this back, but with no clear indication of night/day, it might stay.

-Togetic evolves into Togekiss via Sun Stone.

-Gligar evolves into Gliscor when happiness is maxed.

-Sneasel evolves into Weavile when happiness is maxed.

-Yanma evolves into Yanmega at level 33, the level it learns Ancientpower. It will evolve regardless if the move is taught or not. (unless you stop it.)

-Porygon2 evolves into Porygon-Z at level 50.

-Snorunt evolves into Glalie when happiness is maxed during the day, and into Froslass when happiness is maxed during the night. Might change this to Sun/Moon stone.

-Dusclops evolves into Dusknoir at level 55.

----I did give Dusknoir a buff. 55/100/145/75/145/45

-Kirlia evolves into Gallade at level 30 if its Attack is greater than its Defense. It evolves into Gardevoir at level 30 if its Defense is greater than its Attack.

----Since I'm not sure if gender-specific evolutions can exist, Gallade is now 50% male. If it bothers a bunch of people, I could set the gender ratio to be 100% male Gallade and 100% female Gardevoir, but your Kirlia might change genders.



-I am in the process of adding/editing the trainers into the game. Right now, the biggest problem I have is the movesets of their Pokemon.

-I have added my character, Justin Icewater. You can rebattle him and he will have two updated teams, not including the initial battle. Levels of teams: 37-40, 47-49, 67-72

-I am in the process of adding one of Parugi's characters, Kyle Eston. I'm not sure how many time you'll be able to rebattle him, but I'm planning for an updated team after every major story arc. There are 7.



If you've got any suggestions, please comment. More likely than not I'll consider and implement it.


Should I make a topic in OTC? I'm not sure if it'd be allowed, actually, but I'm wondering. A topic would be easier to navigate than my blog.


Recommended Comments



You might consider having Eevee evolve into Umbreon/Espeon with the Moon/Sun Stone at max happiness. It that's possible. Also, you could get Leafeon through a Leaf Stone. Not sure about Glaceon, though. How hard would it be to insert a new item into the game, like an Ice Stone?



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The major characters should be able to rebattled during the post games of both 1 and 2. Also, is it possible to transfer save data, so you can use your character from 1 in 2? Or will you have to trade or something?


Also, if you want, I can probably give you approximate times and levels for Zach battles, if you're up for him to appear as a battleable trainer. However, you may wanna wait for that for after this arc, since that may change your mind. =P


Also, for rebattles during the story... Is it possible to have challengeable trainers who will fight you with the same team whenever you talk to them and select 'yes'? It may be my nostalgia for MegaMan Battle Network 3 talking, but I think that could work for some situations. =)


Also, is there a limit to how many unique sprites there can be?


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Logically, Moon/Sun at max seems possible, but I'm not sure if it can be done, especially since I think it hasn't been done in official games. I'll ask around, though; seems like all I'd have to do is change a byte here and there.


The problem with Eevee, though, is that almost all Pokemon editors I've used so far allow five evolutions at max. Again, I'm sure it's possible, but I'd have to dig down into the pure coding.


As far as I know, it should be easy enough to insert a new item, but again, it's the max evolutions that's holding me back.







Major characters being, NPCs or player characters? Post games, I do intend for all player characters to be able to be rebattled, along with friendly Still Alive NPCs.

Save data transfer is possible, so I've heard. I'd need to double check. However, if it's an idea a majority of people are interested in, then I would need to heavily adjust the level curve of the game, so you wouldn't be ridiculously overpowered in Game 2.

Maybe I can make two versions of the game.


If Zach was introduced after or during the Manaphy Arc, then I'm afraid he'd have to wait until Game 2 to make a storyline appearance. Actually.. I think I can worm him in. It wouldn't be "canon," but it's not like the ending of the game is canon either. =P


During the story, yes, it would be certainly possible. That's what I was attempting to say but I couldn't put my thoughts to words. =P The player characters will accept your challenge requests and, as you progress through the story, have their party evolve and improve. Some of them will show up at different times in the story, be introduced and/or be absent during different times.


Unique trainer sprites? I really want to say no, but there might be. The patch I applied has room for over sixty thousand different Overworlds, but I don't think it says anything about sprites. Seems like they'd coexist, but I guess not. As of right now, the limit is however many trainer classes there are. Plus Gym Leaders. Including all unique classes and leaders from RSE, since Fire Red has a bunch of RSE leftovers.


Elite 4 + 1 random sprite will be used for the Shadow Admins, I'm using RSE sprites for Player Characters right now.



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Sounds good then. =D

Alright, just wasn't certain about the transfer idea. =) An alternate idea is to have two level data sets, kinda like what's used for the challenge stuff in B/W2, if that's supported. If transfer data is detected, use that set, if not, use the other set. It might allow for overpowered things if people grind to level 100, but it may allow you to start Game 2 at level 50, and work your way up, CPU trainer wise.


Zach was introduced a while before the Manaphy Arc; he was adventuring in Kanto while that was going on, since that was when Ray was introduced, by having his Zangoose unknowingly fight Zach back in Pewter City. He'd likely be one of those 'pushover' type trainers at the end of Game 1, having up to Stage 1 evolutions. He'd be utterly crushed by the player character, but a 'cameo' would certainly be interesting, since he doesn't really become directly important like, say, Jayron or Cyan, until the Unova Arc that's just about to end. It's more a case of whether you'll want him present in the postgame of 2 that'll be the question, though that's likely still a ways away.


Ah, I see, I thought so, but wasn't certain. =) Sounds cool. =D Maybe they could hand out a special item the first time you challenge them, something related to one of their special evolutions? (Like a Magnet for Magnezone, or a Protein for Gallade or so.) And speaking of evolutions, how is Lucario handled? Without Riolu, or with Riolu, but a normal evolution, or just plain happiness?


Ah, that makes sense. Do you plan on having the different outfits for some of the major characters, like how Blue changed outfits like five times in FireRed and LeafGreen?


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