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Sucker Punch



Okay so my girlfriend bought it so we could watch it finally, and it was pretty good I guess. Snyder's stuff has always been weird. I understand that the film was meant to be a critique of the nature of the people who would go to watch that sort of film in the first place, which was a pretty bold move for him. Unfortunately his point was sort of muddled under an abstract plot that didn't spend the time to properly draw the parallels between the real world and the film's own fictional dream, so it sort of degenerated into a revenge/quest film as his point which was supposed to be the "sucker punch" at the end was just poorly executed and ultimately lost.


On the other hand, despite how over-the-top his action sequences are (and how it feels like he and Tarantino would make an excellent team for some reason) they're just a lot of fun to watch. In regards to the new Superman movie, I think it will work excellent if Nolan sticks to the plot and ideology and Snyder is assigned to the action, since I've heard it said that Nolan can't direct action sequences to save his life. To be honest, I think his action is fine (if a little stilted and underdeveloped) but I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to their collaboration if they handle everything correctly.


(tl;dr, Snyder's plots are muddled and it's about time we get a proper Superman film.)




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Oh man, I didn't like this film. Like, really, really didn't like it. Borderline hated it. I get the message it's trying to portray but I just feel it's trying to be a lot more intelligent than it actually is. It can say it's a critique on its audience but it really loses the weight of that message by the fact it's a non-stop two hour session of pandering to those very same people. The action scenes are completely pointless once you realise that they're nothing but a mere metaphor for a combination of Babydoll's dancing ability and her situation. They add absolutely nothing to the film when the "real" events are happening outside of Babydoll's fantasy and I almost feel insulted, like the film is holding up colourful pictures because it's scared I'll get bored if I have to watch actual drama instead of some absurd sci-fi train battle. It's trying to be stylistic and bold but it just feels weak to me. It's not that I dislike Snyder, by the way, because I really loved his work on Legend of the Guardians but this just completely let me down.

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I still haven't watched this movie (despite the fact that I own it) and I've heard so many conflicting things on it. Some people I very much respect (Example: Anita Sarkeesian--though I don't always agree with her) say that it's a pandering mess that is so offensive to women and people in general.

Then on the other hand Bob Chipman (Who I certainly don't agree with all the time) respects the movie immensely and feels that it did succeed in inverting its audiences expectations and respecting the feminist view.


I've seen portions of it, and portions of it I'm able to rationalize and understand, but it's possible than when viewed in proper context of the entire movie that those rationalizations won't be able to stand up.


I like this view, though. That at its core it held the right intent however that it was ultimately a flawed attempt that failed to express that intent.


Eh, maybe I'll actually watch the movie and make up my mind finally.

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Yeah, you've both summarized exactly what I'm trying to say. Any sort of inversion of the audience's expectations is completely lost under the mess of action sequences and clear pandering, so the real point just wasn't coherent enough. Originally I wanted to see it for the big set-pieces they put in the trailer, like the giant samurai with a minigun and the post-apoc WWII scenes (and I genuinely wasn't swayed by the "pretty girls with guns" gimmick that Snyder was trying to draw people in with) so I just enjoyed the mindless action and explosions.

However, I did read and watch a lot of what Bob Chipman had to say, so I was definitely interested in seeing this massive twist ending that he talked about, but it just never showed up. In that sense, the movie just felt like an incredible disappointment, like I had just un-ironically watched a mindless shoot-em-up like Expendables or Transformers or something. I don't know.

At any rate, my girlfriend really disliked it so she just gave it to me As with most movies that promise some sort of deeper meaning, I'm probably going to have to watch it again to clear up my thoughts on it, but I just can't muster the energy to.

*goes to watch Advent Children instead because the fights were cooler and a lot less offensive for some reason*

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That's really the only Sucker Punch stuff I care about.


Now go post the next chapter of you comic!

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