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Okay. I'm going to say this now:


If this new Fire-Type starter evolves into a Fire/Fighting-Type, I might throw something.


Having said that, I'm actually really excited for--and surprised by--this. Seems like only yesterday Gen. V was being released... and added to RotR...


Which, to get this out of the way now:

1. Gen. VI will not be added to Rise of the Rockets until its Japanese release. As such, just like the case was supposed* to be with Gen. V, there will be no early-bird cameos.

2. I want people to try really, really hard NOT to make a ton of huge plots in whatever the new region is called as soon as it's released. I don't want a repeat of Unova.


Those are my thoughts. :3


* I say 'supposed' because, despite my decree, certain people--mainly someone--somehow thought it was okay to ignore me and introduce, for instance, Pokabu and Excadril early. It was quite annoying. :/


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I'm pretty sure people will actually listen to you this time.


And away I go...


EDIT: Also, the Japanese release date is the international release date. Every main country is getting the games at the same time, =P

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TJA: That would actually be amazing. I shall cross my fingers! :P


JiMing's edit: Wait, really? That makes things so much more simple, then!! :D

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Yeah, both the English and Japanese trailers said it was coming October 2013. So if it's not the exact same day, it'll certainly be within a few days, sort of like how Black and White 2 had an international release in October 2012, but the US got it a few days before Europe.


Anyway, my thoughts: first of all, this is crazy! And here I thought the 5th generation was revolutionary with its more 3D feel. Those battles will take some getting used to! Also, this seems rather sudden. Maybe it's because the 4th generation lasted four years, while it's only been about two years since Black and White. (Also, with no RSE remakes, this means that the 5th generation will only have four main series games.)


As for the Pokemon:

Chespin - This guy looks really cute. He's probably my second favorite of the bunch. (Although I may actually pick him if Fennekin does end up being Fire/Fighting...)

Fennekin - There's a reason why Quilava is my favorite Pokemon of all time. It looks cute and tough at the same time. You can cuddle with it like a pet, but it can certainly hold its own in a fight. Fennekin seems to have inherited this trait from the Cyndaquil line, and I'll definitely be picking it as my starter (unless it ends up evolving into yet another Fire/Fighting type...)

Froakie - My least favorite of the bunch, but he'll probably grow on me.

Legendary X - Looks like a Virizion/Arceus fusion. To be honest, his antlers just seem way too big. If they were going for the X shape, they could have bulked out his lower body a bit more.

Legendary Y - This guy looks awesome, and reminds me of one of the kami trio's Therian formes.


As for the implications with RotR: it'll be easy to avoid early-bird cameos, but it'll be really hard to avoid setting up a plot in the new region. Hopefully by the time the games come out we'll all be engrossed in large plots in the four main regions.


Either way, I'm already excited for these games.


...except that now I have to go and buy a 3DS.

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Don't worry; I'll be too busy with plots in the main regions and playing Pokemon X to make any huge plots for a good month or two. =P


Good to have an official word on it, though; I was wondering about it myself. =)


Konuju: It'll be three years since the first game released in Japamn, by the time X/Y releases. =P

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Froakie might be Water/Ice, since I think there were snowflakes coming out of its beam attack. Might've not seen it correctly, though. =P It could also end up as Water/Electric, with the whole Ben Franklin thing swarming the internet.


Concerning plots, I think that my two Rockets will be somewhere by then, Zac'll probably still be collecting Meloettas, and I've got a plan for Justin.


And with cameos, I think we've got a pretty good group now. Maybe make a post in the topic about it if you already haven't, since the names have actually been revealed in English this gen.

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It's heavily implied we're getting a fire/fighting/dark countertrio of subtypes here. Water/Fighting, Fire/Psychic, Grass/Dark.


Finally. a REAL firefighter.

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