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BIONICLE, The TARDIS, Comedies, and Stuffeths....



So as I've recently taken back my interest in BIONICLE after a year or so...and come back to BZPower for the time being, I realise a lot of new interests and changes in my life that have happened without any blog updates or anything of course :P

SO! Why not just make a random blog entry about everything before my perks vanish? :P


First off, I have moved out of my parents' house. That was around June 10th of last year. I now live with fellow BIONICLE and Doctor Who enthusiasts who I've been friends with for years. Which brings me to the next item on the list....






I finally started watching Doctor Who, I believe it was, early last year or late 2011. After moving out I got my roommates into it and now it's enjoyable to talk about with friends since I'm not the only one who knows what the heck I'm talking about lol

I have to say David Tennant is easily my favorite...though Matt Smith is pretty good...but just not David Tennant. :P


Since coming back here (which originally was just to post a meme of the Doctor in 3d glasses that I made :P), I picked back up on my comedy writing. I've missed writing my high school comedy for some time now...but just never had the inspiration to continue it. I hate leaving things unfinished and I've always wanted to end it with about 40 chapters or so. I'd love for anyone to read it and give feedback as to whether it's still the quality (if you can call it that :P) that it used to be and holds up against the previous 20 chapters. Constructive criticism and pointers are always a huge help and much appreciated! LINK! I love writing and would love to go back to my other writings outside of fanfiction, but with work and everything I can't find the time or inspiration without feeluing rushed to go back to originals. I would LOVE to kick start "Stupid People!" again. I had only 8 comics made last year lol They were uploaded on another popular social site...but since I didn't update frequently enough, I figured it'd be pointless for a topic of them to be continued here, 'cause it'd get closed before I'd update with another comic.


Along with coming back ehre though, I've started reading Makuta's Guide to the Universe and using the BIONICLE encyclopedia to refresh myself while I continue my comedy writing. Makuta's is such a great book. I watched the first BIONICLE movie last night with my roommate and after work tonight I think I'll grab the other 3 from my parents' house. :P


As far as just life goes, just working a lot at Target, still my epicly single self :P, was promoted to assistant front end supervisor and I have an interview coming up for the actual supervisor position. Christmas went great, I'm now an uncle for the 4th time as well lol, and my brother just recently bought Minecraft for the Xbox so I've just been playing that with him on my free time at night. Plenty of other random things have happened throughout the last year, but that's a good summary of it. One last note, I do transport myself everywhere my my blue '99 Plymouth Neon. :P


So anyway, I realise the only blog, well personal blog, I've ever had, and it's on BZP :P But also, remember disco is in this year!


-Jordboy1 :miru:

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Hmm; do they still have a revival rule in Off-Topic Culture? I'm gonna go check; because if there's no such rule, you might be able to post the comics without worry now. Sounds pretty cool, though; especially that you finally started watching Doctor Who. =P

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