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Eeko's 34234134214th night at college



Actually no I just moved into my own dorm lawl.


Decided to switch from online learning to residential at Liberty University for the rest of my college years. Hopefully I'll be less of a stress monster with my less intense schedule.


Been good so far. If a bit lonely before classes start and roommates moving in.


So yeah that's why I haven't been around much lately. Love y'all. <3


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I've been taking online courses from them and I enjoyed them a lot. didn't liken how they were compact into 8 weeks per class, but everything is very well done.


I can't give a full response on the campus life just yet since my courses haven't started yet, but so far I've had a good time. :3 Residence is nice, food's good (lots of choices too), lots of friendly and helpful faculty so far, etc. If you're looking around at colleges, Liberty has a lot of events for potential students to check the campus out. I wen tot one such event back in august which helped me get a feel for the place.


Ask me more in a few weeks and I'll give you a better answer c:

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