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Busy Busy Busy



I have a perfectly logical explanation for my lack of activity on here.




Unlike most other people, I have my finals in two days as opposed to before Christmas, so teachers are cramming. Which means homework. Add Science Olympiad into that and you've got yourself a negative amount of free time!


I think it's taken a toll on my sanity.



However, that being said, I have almost no time to do anything but school. Which means that, unfortunately, Alpha 0.0.1 of Operation Rally will be pushed back. As for how far back, I can't really say. After finals, I've got an elongated weekend, so maybe some progress will happen there and things will be back on track? I dunno. SciO is at a higher priority than the game right now, but I usually have a lot of downtime during competitions.


I'll get back to work soon, I promise.


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Vorahk: Yeah, it's a pain to remember all this stuff. >.<


B6: =D I've got Fermi Questions, Forestry, Experimental Design, and Maglev. I would also be doing Write It Do It and Rocks and Minerals, but I've got time conflicts. :c

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I help with Boomi when our builders don't finish in time and are working on it during the competition. =P Mission Possible sounded like a fun event, but I joined the year it was taken out.

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