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Why must you do this, school?



I said last year (as in, November/December) that I knew what classes I'm taking senior year. Well, that's proven to be wrong.


There's a chance that AP Music Theory will be brought back next year, and I'm taking it. However, that means one less class, and unfortunately, I'm giving up art. Which means that I can't take the art class I really want to take senior year, because of prerequisites.


I can't even drop lunch to take the art class, because of AP Chem, which is a period and a half. I'd drop it senior year but I can't take the two concurrently.


I don't need to take a class that teaches me what I already know, in order for me to take a class to help for college and the like. It's silly to sit through a year of already-learnt information.


Sigh. I wish there were more hours of the school day.


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... Your school system lets you drop lunch as a period and replace it with a class? :blink: That's different.


Anyway, I'm sorry that you can't get the classes you want : / . Unfortunately it's a recurring problem in higher education as well if you chose to take that route.

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They don't really want you to, but I've got friends who did and there's a bunch of people who want to. Most teachers are pretty cool about you eating in class if you don't have a lunch, though.

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You have it easy. At my college, I'm currently in a math class where I'm being taught information I learned in middle school. I've taken math classes at my previous college, and could get into a higher level math class if I wanted to. But I need three classes to stay living on campus this semester, and I need to pass all of them to return here next semester. And since I haven't taken a math course in more than a year, taking a pathetically easy class that I know I'll pass is preferable to taking a math course at my level that I might fail. It's frustrating, but that's the way it is.

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