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Nick's Music Picks #1



I'm Nick, by the way. Some of you may know that, others... Well, now you know. And knowing's ____ the ______. (fill in the blanks correctly and you get an imaginary cookie)


Anyway. Songs on this list will be judged on lyrics, artist (like how well they fit the song) influence, how good they sound to me, and most importantly, how well they can be heard over my home insinkerator. I may not list all of these off, but meh.


Note that I will not be bashing songs unless I drink an Amp (crazy things happen. Crazy things). So, no worries about me yelling about how not fantastic a song that you personally like is. To each his own.


Now that the rules are set...


My first is an awesome song, done by none other than the King himself, Burning Love. The live video for this has the record for the most viewed broadcast by a single entertainer. And I mean, come on. It's Elvis Aaron Presley. In his heyday. This song... Lyrics are pretty great, singer's awesome, sounds amazing to me. One problem.


Can't be heard over an insinkerator full of sweet potatoes.


Of course, nothing except death metal on highest volume can be, so meh.


This is Nick, signing off. I may do more in depth things later, but it's late. Also, it's Burning Love. Listen to it.


Recommended Comments

Roablin gets the (imaginary) cookie. And I'm pretty sure it is Aaron, so now you know- Wait, already made that joke.


I might, might not. Don't really have any ideas yet, so chances are good.

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You can definitely suggest songs, but if i don't like it it won't be posted.


Sorry for not posting yesterday, but i had to write a paper. I'll have one later today, i believe.

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