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Tablet and MOCing.



On a non-Nic Cage related note, I'm thinking about buying a tablet with this money specifically given for me to do something fun with and the money I make from mowing. Now, none of you have ever seen my art because I can only draw things well on a dry erase board.


I tried fitting one into a scanner.


Didn't work.


So, I was curious as to what tablet you guys use for your art/which you think is best.


Preferably at $200 or less. Currently I'm thinking a Nexus 7, but...


Oh, and I'm actually building a MOC, though my biology has gotten way too far into my brain. I'm trying to build a DNA strand out of LEGOs. Hoo-ray.


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Your best bet is to get into a store and try out various tablets. You need to get one in your hand and try it out to see if you like the feel for drawing. Any android tablet can support various drawing related apps. The Samsung Note 8" starts at $399 and the $10 is $499. Those are out of the price range you are mentioning, they are nice because they have a built in stylus and are great for drawing. All things considered, you have the option to get a stylus and use on other capacitive touch screens. The Note products use a regular tip like a pen, while regular tablets are going to have bigger rubber tipped styluses. They do make smaller tipped ones you can purchase if you want to use it for artwork though. Again, your best option is go into a store and try out the tablet. You won't know what you like until you try it hands on.

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No Nexus 7. Rip off of my ship name and future blog name. (This includes the 4)


Try an Asus Transformer. I have it and it's good. Just don't buy the invisible shield screen protector or it wont work good. Trust me, water condenses on the screen, causing it to go bad. It should be down in prices. Unless you have a Bestbuy rewards and get a 5 to however much in discount. (Discount must be printed out. It's more of a coupon.) My guess should be around 170 to 150. So you should have enough money to get a game or whatever you want there.

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I could, yes.


But you seem to not realize exactly how many erasers would give their lives.

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