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Injustice: Gods Among Us



So I'll be honest, this was not a first-day buy for me. I actually had to wait for my money to clear before I could buy it. Basically all I missed out on is the Red Son DLC. Oh well.


I already 100% completed the main story, leaving only the S.T.A.R. Labs missions to handle, plus random battles.


I think right now I favor both Green Lantern and Aquaman (no lame jokes, he's pretty epic in this game) with Nightwing as my third. I haven't had the time to sit down in any capacity to play through every character so far, but I do recall how powerful Nightwing was when I faced him in the story.


So, any XBL players with the game? I'm pretty bored and would love to have sporting challenge (not necessarily today, I'm working D:)


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I only played it for a half-hour when I brought it home. It is fun and harder than I expected, but I have not played any fighting games like this in a long time. I went and tried a quick fight with each of the Heroes. I was surprised I liked some more than others, and did not like the ones I thought I would.


Green lantern, Aquaman, Nightwing, and even Cyborg were among my favorites. Alas, I have no access to XBL.

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Aqua Man is pretty OP. He has ridiculous range, and the move of his where he stabs the ground and the trident appears under/below you is wicked powerful. I haven't really played with Green Lantern or Nightwing yet.


My favorite is Flash for now. Great move set, cool Super, and he's quick yet still does decent damage.


You can add me, I'd like to put in a few practice rounds. :)

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