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Pahrak's Fortnightly Flash Fiction Contest Library

Super Fighting Pahrak


(With the demise of the FFFC, this entry will not be updated; it will, however, be left intact for organizational purposes.)


Since I have a Master Post for Technic Coliseum and a website for Bioni-Lords, I figured I may as well compile all my FFFC entries somewhere too. Sorted by Bionicle or Off-Topic, and then organized by date with link, theme, if it received an Honorable Mention or won, and a brief summary.




--A Machine’s Philosophy, Honorable Mention in “Surrender or Run”

Mourning the death of the Matoran Universe, Turaga Whenua pays one last visit to Metru-Nui.


--Woe Betide, Honorable Mention in “A Canister Ashore”

What was going through the mind of the Av-Matoran building Toa Canisters in Karzahni?


--Bond of Heresy, Winner of “The Village”

Stripped of his title, cast out of his universe, and hated by all, Ahkmou must decide what to do next.


--Averted Trial, Winner of "Trial by Fire"

Kualus and Onua go on a hunt for the Kanohi Dragon.


--Make It Stop, entered in "Trial by Fire"

Captured by two Skakdi, a Toa must either endure torture or sell out his allies.


--Risky Acquisition, entered in "Fish"

Hahli takes a swim and finds an unfamiliar Rahi.


--To Those Who Consider Themselves Toa, only entry in "Wake One, Wake Them All"

The conflict between Toa and Bohrok could be seen a few different ways.


--Hint to Greatness, entered in "Rise"

An ordinary day for Ehrye leads to something unexpected.


--Shattering the Mask, entered in "Rise"

When Vakama finally shows up, he has surprising news for Nuhrii.


--Cheatsheet, entered in "Now Only Five"

Vhisola is close--so very close--to the end of her list.





--Between Birth and Rebirth, Honorable Mention in “Rebirth”

A more pessimistic look at the concept of rebirth.


--A Recluse’s Dilemma, Honorable Mention in “The Queens”

A simple man with a simple problem: though he has two great loves, he can only be with one.


--Magic Hour, entered in "Sunset

Two lovers separated by unfathomable distance reunite on the equinox.


--Preoccupation with Procrastination, entered in "Fall"

A problem we've all faced.


--Despair of the Divine, entered in "Unfortunate Event"

The Queen of Gravity returns from battle to find her queendom in a shocking state.


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