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Well guys,


This is a thing I'm doing.


I'm thinking about mirroring it on BZPower in addition to the other two offsite places I'm mirroring them for the sake of fanbase and ease of access, I suppose.


What Forum would be most appropriate for it?


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Hmmm, BIONICLE inspired adventure? Sounds neat. I'm more partial to the name Korolocked, but then, I'm planning to do that at some point too. I guess Matastuck is good.


The forum would depend on how you're doing it. If it's going to use commands it'd probably go in the Games & Trivia forum like previous adventures have done. If it's just your own thing you could probably get it in Comics.

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I've found a "feedback" topic works wonders for such an adventure as this. Comics I think would be a good place. Want me to get in contact with Windy and get his stamp of approval?

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@Makaru: If I need forum admin permission for a Talkback Topic, then that'd be great. :D


I'll see about working on the BBC for both a Comic Topic and a Talkback Topis in the meantime. uwu

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