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Updates: Animal Crossing, Minecraft



Been a while. Got back into the country about a week ago, still having major jet lag, but it's improving.


So, like everyone else, I caved and bought Animal Crossing: New Leaf. First Animal Crossing game for me, got it about 5 days ago. Tortimer just invited me to his island, I don't know if I'm going slowly or fast. =P My villagers think I'm stalking them, since I just talked to them all day before I could get a fishing rod. =P

I got Cherries as my native fruit, but also have Apples and Permissions.


Friend Code: 1762-2682-8247

Shoot me a PM or comment if you want to be friends. c:


Minecraft. 1.6. Having a lot of fun playing around in Vanilla, it's a lot more fun than I remember. FTB-wise, I ventured into the Nether to get Ghast Tears, flew over some Pigmen in an new chunk. They randomly started attacking me, I died, and have no idea where I did at all since the death point seems to have tracked my death to OW coords, not nether. :c So yeah, reduced activity in that server, I'm ready for a reset! xD

Also got addicted to the Minecrackers, but I think that happens to everyone.


I wish I could go to Brickfair too, but it happens at a horrible time for me. August is band camp month, and my band director will kill me if I miss anything. =P Oh well.


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