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wooooo, time for some new art





Vezon is a pretty bizarre guy. I do wish he hadn't turned into a comic relief character, he had a lot of potential

to be genuinely terrifying even after he was released from his position as a mask of life guardian. Or he could've

suffered some dreadful fate or something, I dunno. I think he's devoured by Fenrakk when you defeat him in the

Gameboy version of Bionicle Heroes. I enjoy the character concept a lot anyway, maybe I'll make a few radical

redesigns for the fun of it.


About the picture – I should say that the torso was an afterthought, and I think it turned out a bit too small. It does

portray the overall physique which I intended, though. But in the end this is really only a sketch I worked with over

a day, at a lack of better things to do. At any rate, critique is very appreciated. c:


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i can't critique this because i am horrible at critiquing things


basically i'm horrible at putting my thoughts into words but i can say that you did a really great job VB and i think it captures Vezon's character very well and it gets five thumbs up and two afros from me


:afro: :afro:

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To be honest, Vezon could have been something completely terrifying especially after being separated from the mask: I imagine that he would have gone completely mad, seeing that being the guardian of the Ignika was the only thing that really gave him purpose.


Also the picture is awesome. It's scary-awesome. Maybe even scary AND scary-awesome.

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I love your art so much, and your original take on characters... it's awesome. something's a bit wonky about the torso, I think it's the armour, but that's not really important because the viewer's attention is drawn to the face, anyway. ^^ Which looks absolutely brilliant, by the way. :3



(Just a pity you didn't post it in GA, too, that forum would really be in need of some more art... ah well xD)

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Squishy, those afros mean so much to me. Thank you


Canis - sorry but I can't appreciate a comic relief character with zero development. Especially not when they've had a more dignified role earlier in the story.


Cyrix - agreed 100%. A manic search for an equivalent source of power could've made him a monster. I would've liked to see that.


Thanks, TLW :B


sumiks, the NSA lent me a hand there. they couldn't say no when I offered them an ostrich farm in exchange


Brickeens: colbro.pngcolbro.pngcolbro.png


Taka: oh thanks a lot :>

yeah, the armour was basically the fastest work ever. but yes actually, I think I'll work the whole thing over again and fix everything and maybe add some cool lighting. then I wouldn't mind making a topic for it. :B


okay I think I responded to everyone there

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