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Art Wishlist, Doctor Who, and other updates



[NOTE TO ARTISTS! Be sure to read the blue text at the end!]


Wow I have a blog don't I?!


Sorry for forgetting about this for so long. Been very busy. :P




-Huzzah for Netflix! Have watched all kinds of things, like some episodes of Monk I somehow never saw, the glory of the original A-Team (etc.), Battlestar Galactica (both versions), in progress of watching episodes here and there from every series of Star Trek (never did get to see all the originals -- woot!), and most recently going through Doctor Who.


-Some of the Dr. Who villains (and such) are so cool I've decided to do LDDE MOCs of them for the heck of it. Work in progress, I'll probably post 'em in a topic once I finish the series (new version; I'll go to the original show later). Some are modifications of (mini-fig scale) MOCs others have already made, found online (like the Dalek, but I've got an opened version too and both versions are a little more accurate. Anywho, wait and see :P).


-So, I finally realized what was up with the BZP profile feeds and "updates" thingamabob, which I'd entirely forgotten about. I've decided to use the "update" (the one thing that actually displays, one message at a time, on the profile main page) to report progress on my Bionicle history retelling, for those that keep asking me over and over. :P Here's my profile:




I'll try to update this about once a week or maybe more.


-I hope to get it done VERY soon 'cuz it's obvious a lot of you are looking forward to it, and I've had a lot of fun with it so far. Of course, realistically, "very" is defined as "sometime before New Year's". :lol:


-No, S&T contest hasn't been forgotten about. It's just that for purposes of something in the entry I was working on judging last, it'll be best for me to go through all the 06 books line by line to check something and I've been putting it off till I need to do it anyways for the history retelling.


-Shards contest -- I've been making gradual progress whenever I'm bored with other stuff. Sorry I haven't had the mental energy to put either contest at the top of the priority list. Soon(ish?) I hope to just take a break from everything else and burn through it real quick to get those polls up. (I'll be doing that first, then memoirs contest later.)


-For the history retelling, I've got a rule that as much art as is available or possible should be included to give a clear sense of the imagery in each chapter. Where canon imagery is lacking (or hopelessly ugly :P) I've been searching for quality fan art and have already gotten many artists' permission for a lot of images. But there's still a list of things (so far) that I've yet to find anything good for, and if any of you artists out there wanna take a crack at 'em, here's your chance (bold is highest priority):



(peering out of a hole in the ground in daylight ideally)

-original Glatorian form of Jungle Element Lord (ideally holding a mysterious-looking orb that has a plot purpose)

-dark-robe-obscured GBs

-best guess of
original appearance of Vorox

same with Zesk

(zappy elementals in Karda Nui)

-Miserix original (humanoid) form.

-a random, unidentified Order Agent (your choice of appearance, male, titan)?

-maybe scene of Matoran Civil War?

Toa Zaria

-Toa Naho

-Toa Nidhiki
(I've asked one artist for permission for a good one, but no response thus far)

-Xian Mountain in tiny rock form inside metal box, multiple mouths

-weird mutant scorpion Rahi from Maze of Shadows (your choice of interpretation)

Karzahni plant
(woody vines coating wall of a cave)

EP Entity
(Mask of Shadows form)

giant jellyfish
(one of the First Rahi)

-better interpretation of Bahrag in protocage??

-Tahtorak on home island, Keetonguan riding??


MOCs may work too if it's got a reasonable background (no tabletops or keyboards or the like visible please; the usual draped-sheet backgrounds work fine). Any takers? :) You'll be credited (in comments in text file version of story and review topic posts/edits going with each chapter, maybe captions if I can figure that out).


Recommended Comments

:kaukau: Nope, I don't do Bionicle art. Great artist I am, but Bionicle is definitely not my area of focus. Maybe some day, but I've been talking with Nuile about the various art projects that I already have planned, and they're going to keep me busy. Not to mention they take priority over this, so basically by the time I'm done with some of my stuff this opportunity is going to be over and done with, which is sad because I really want to get into the field of illustration. Tell you what: I'll look over your list again and think about it, and even talk with a fellow artist friend about it. The answer will probably still be "no", but this still interests me.


In any case, it's really great to see your ontological inertia is still going. Glad to have you around again, and this should be a good reminder to get around to perfecting that one essay draft I discussed with you a while ago but never actually completed. Several months later, I think I have a little more perspective than before.



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Just to be clear, it doesn't have to be absolutely mind-blowingly high-quality or anything. Even just one, as a sketch, as long as I like it, would work. :) (The standards have to be a bit flexible anyways since so much canon art is not quite top-notch.)

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:kaukau: Ah. See, I was thinking of Vezok's Friend and his quality, as well as the quality you often put up. Which I can do, by the way, though not necessarily digitally. It would just take a painfully long time, especially since I take a lot of breaks and I'm a perfectionist.


But again, it's still on the table. I'm booked right now, but I'll post here again in about a week. If I surprise myself with my other pursuits, I just might have time for this. Definitely not making any promises, though. I made those before when I knew I couldn't prioritize the Ambage science fiction anthology, and it was very painful to back out of doing the cover for that when other things in life proved to be more important.


Now that I think of it, I guess my main concern will probably be getting my drawings and/or paintings scanned, if this actually happens.



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Now that I think of it, I guess my main concern will probably be getting my drawings and/or paintings scanned, if this actually happens.

Heh, I get that. There's some things I couldn't put on the list I'll have to do myself (being major spoilers :P), and I plan to use sketches, but the scanner I've got isn't exactly the best. What I was thinking if it doesn't work was my brother's iPad might take a decent photo if held still enough (not by hands), so that might work for you. I've seen some pictures from that and they seem good (ironically far better than any actual camera from the old days that I ever had lol).

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Well... it's not a bad Ta-Matoran in Metru Nui, but how does it portray the civil war? :P I had in mind Matoran fighting in the streets and the like. :) Cool for the effort though.

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I draw it inspired by the Spanish Civil War propaganda posters, which usually had only one figure (like the dead Ta-Matoran) and some text. But I see why it doesn't work :P

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Ah, I see. Well, that's not a bad idea actually. I'll think about it, see if I have space.


Still, actual battle is the main thing those chapters are missing visually. :P

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