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BZPc #17



Natural regen = false


Tons of fun, Orange Team nearly got a kill. :P I looked around in creative and found a spawner right near our spawn, Blade, with horse armor and saddles. If we found that, we probably could've gotten a kill.


Also, the seed we used was really something else. 4 Jungle Temples, 2 Desert Villages, and about 8 pink sheep in a swamp. Plus, a plains biome with a ton of horses and donkeys.


Excited for next time.


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I wasn't going to let ya just kill my teammate like that. ; )


Also the Seed = "CholieDoodlefoof" IIRC. It was quite a nice map though. Thanks for playing. :3


Also, the color according to Minecraft commands was gold. lol

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Yeah I was, my horse helped save me by sacrificing himself. :c Nara had me down to one heart and was moving in for the kill (like literally seconds away) but Mat swooped in and got him from behind. :3

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