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Cheap rip offs and Jabba the Cutt.



I'd like to think I make sufficient an impact on the forums that people would notice that I'd gone on holiday for a week, but that's probably wishful thinking. :P


Anyway, I've been in Cornwall for the week. Most of it was beaches, playing pool, and having to drive far too much. The one day I'll cover in slight detail is Friday, or at least I think it was Friday. Me and my friends went to Truro. While walking about the shopping area, my eyes were drawn to Hawkin's Bazaar, mainly as I thought the chain had gone bust. It's certainly closed down where I live. Anyway, inside the store, I saw a Lego-like display. What it actually was, was this. Sorry for the not particularly brilliant pictures, my friends wanted to leave the shop so I was in a hurry, and I was only using my phone as well. The sets themselves resemble the Lego system, but thats not unheard of. What was fascinating is taking a closer look at those cans on the top shelf. Here you can see a very close resemblance to the Visorak canisters. VERY close. They're £5 each, so they're cheaper than Lego. The set only bares a very vague similarity to Bionicle though. There's a couple more pics here.


The other highlight of Truro was seeing this place. :P


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