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Hey everyone, I was going to post a sort of update today about what I've been "up to" for the last year, but it's getting late so that might wait till tomorrow. Instead, I'll talk briefly about something that's been bothering me for the last couple of others. Well, not bothering...uh, anyway. You'll see what I mean.


So a lot of you would be fans of Avatar (The Last Airbender variety, not the James Cameron variety). And I am too, but until today I had only seen all of Book 1 and I believe 6 episodes of Book 2. It's the last days of my holidays, so I'm trying to cram in as much of it before I go back (though it'll only week 1 argh I'll talk about this later).


But I just got up to Book 2 Episode 16, ie "Appa's Lost Days"...and before this I always really enjoyed Appa's character, I just thought he was well designed and executed and all that. He actually might be my favourite character, bizarrely, so far. But seeing that episode...for me it was really distressing. I mean usually I'm nowhere near as emotional about the cratoon medias, that's usually left to live action (Ricky Gervais' Derek, that was also an extremely touching series). But yeah, this episode was just done so well, it was painful to watch as anything. It just perfectly encapsulated animal cruelty, distress and loss, and just...sigh. The feels, man.


...please don't tell me it gets worse. I was enough of a blubbering mess before.


Anyway, hi everyone! I'll be around for the next week, don't know what that'll mean but anywho. Talk again tomorrow!




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Whenever I re-watch A:TLA, I always skip two episodes.


The Great Divide, because it was dumb, and Appa's Lost Days, because I just can't deal with it.


For me it's definitely one of the most soul-crushingly depressing points in the series, topped only by "The Tale of Iroh" in the previous episode.

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Aw yeah, Tale of Iroh was also super sad. Different kind of hurt though, because it was compounded by despair and loss, while this was more distress and hopelessness, which was a lot more harrowing to watch. Iroh is probably my actual favourite character currently because all I think is how things would've been if he was given his birthright still and all. Anyway, I have a season to go (and I'll watch Korra too eventually) so I'll hold off any more judgements.


Great Divide wasn't that dumb. jake.png



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Book 2 has fewer episodes that stand completely on their own than Book 1 and Book 3, and from when Appa gets kidnapped (or slightly earlier), the story moves very deliberately forward episode by episode. Appa's Lost Days and The Tale of Iroh are probably the pinnacle of FEELS for the series though.

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