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EM Tyrants Results Repost



Wayback on the old forum we had a contest to decide the powers and appearances of the Tyrant species in the Expanded Multiverse (rulers of the volcanic planet Tanuuk). Someone asked in the discussion topic where the list of their powers is. Answer is it WAS in a topic in the archived S&T, which is now blank, and apparently we never put it up on the wiki (which is now offline due to webs.com no longer offering that function, but I couldn't find it in my backup of the wiki either). So I guess the only place we ever put it was in that one topic.


Since I have to repost this info somewhere and thought it would be weird to use a new S&T topic, and it's too long for just another post in the discussion topic, I've settled on here. Yes, I plan to repost the others here eventually too, but the others had summaries on the wiki that I'll probably put up first in the pinned EM ref topic in S&T.


(Note: the links to the entry posts obviously won't work until the archives are fixed.)


Here 'tis:







Finally, Tyrants full results are ready for your enjoyment and congratulations for the winners! (Appearance winners' names are in the MOC photos, Powers winners' names are in dark red font.)


The results will be presented in Mini-Guide style, fusing both appearance and powers. The text for each entry includes summaries of the powers (with links to entry posts with the full text), and new storyline details (especially about the mutants) made up by the EM leaders (bonesiii, Swert, and Takuta-Nui).


The main holdup that delayed the results announcement was that we had the "one win per member" rule (within each category; wins in both appearance and powers were allowed) for this contest, which presented a very complicated challenge to live up to in the Powers category, since many members tied or came close to winning many different polls. But finally we have worked out the details and have a full list of winners -- with one "Parawin." This is a concept of an "almost win" I originally invented for my own fanfic blog contests, somewhere between a win and an honorable mention. Essentially, the single "Parawin" entry will probably get Cipher Chronicles story mentioning briefly, while the actual winners will get more important featuring.


Note also that Takuta-Nui abstained from final decisions in polls in which he had entered; when the entry period was open he had not been taken on as one of the leaders yet.


Tyrants Mini-Guide




This is the standard Tyrant species. Tyrants of all varieties rule the Expanded Multiverse planet of Tanuuk absolutely. The standard type can come in various color schemes, usually black with a color like green, orange, blue, red, purple, white, etc. as a secondary color. They can have any one of twelve superpowers. They tend to be clever, dangerous, and ruthless, and these traits have enabled them to hold onto rule over almost every person on the planet for roughly the full 500 years of history.


The top single ranking ruler of all Tanuuk is the Tyrant King; he has been mutated in an unknown way as he keeps his appearance a total secret. He rules the rest of the government and specifically the central Tyrant city. At the beginning of history, he was known to have the standard appearance.


The next highest rank is Duke (or Duchess). All currently alive members of this rank are Dukes and they are all of the standard species. They each rule one of five major towns and the surrounding territories. At least two Dukes and one Duchess have previously ruled and been killed; their basic appearances have not been established.


Other smaller towns are ruled by Lords or Ladies. The female image above depicts Lady Sulmiris, ruler of a town in Duke Mokuun's northwest territory. About two-thirds of the Lords and Ladies are of the standard variety of Tyrant; the other third is of any of the mutant varieties other than Tyrannical Knights.


All other Tyrants are always in positions of some manner of authority over all other species on the planet, most of whom are slaves, some of whom are mercenaries. Almost half of these Tyrants are members of a mutant species.


The twelve standard powers are:


Makuta of Xhini Nui: Tectonic Control

Trigger volcanic eruptions and earthquakes or help prevent them. Danger of these effects can harm the user too if they get caught in a lava flow or under a collapsing building, etc. so it's rarely used.


New info: Tectonic Tyrants periodically wander over mountains believed to house active slave refugee caves and tunnels, causing minor earthquakes in an attempt to collapse the tunnels. Slaves have as a result designed tectonic-energy reflecting weapons that can make this energy rebound and hit the mountain rock under the Tyrant, causing an avalance.


These Tyrants also often live near volcanos that feed major lava rivers, ensuring that the volcanos remain constantly active so that the lava rivers don't run cold.


Iranu: Heat Lightning

Channel a reddish-orange fusion of electricity and heat energy. Acts like electricity, and can cause severe burns. Needs intense mental concentration and a natural heat source. Often used like a whip against slaves. Bolts can act like chain lightning to hit multiple targets.


Axinian: Sensory Distortion

Slows sensory processing in a target's mind, of one of the five senses at a time, for three to ten seconds. User's senses are all slightly slowed when active; excessive use lengthens this. Users tend to be guards, slave keepers, and sometimes assassins.


TakanuvaC01: Thermal Absorbtion

Absorb heat from environment, lava, etc. and convert it into energy, boosting a Tyrant's strength or extra powers such as tool or armor powers. Can also channel this boost power into another Tyrant. Takes total concentration while absorbing and absorbed energy dissipates over time if not used, and some is wasted during transfers.


New info: Slave refugees often carry tools with cold energy radiating powers to counter this power and others that require heat such as Heat Lightning or Lava Telekinesis.


Tyrants of this power are sometimes turned into Quadarm mutants.


Skrilax: Dreamscape Manipulation

Cast a target into sleep with a dream controlled by the user. The Dreamscape normally resembles actual reality, but the user has absolute control. It's all just a dream, however, and strong-minded people (and Toa of Psionics) can break the illusion. Users are immune from this power, but become tired with use.


New info: Assassins often work in pairs, one with this power and the other with Sensory Distortion. Accidental would-be witnesses of their actions can be cast into a Dreamscape that mirrors what would have happened had there been no assassins. This is especially powerful against targets of the assassins themselves, who tend to be on-world influential or powerful refugees, off-world enemies who help refugees, or rarely other Tyrants engaged in a power struggle.


Saiph: Nervejacking

Control a target's motion, and "fuzz-out" mental activity, for a short time. Must compete with the willpower of the target. Can control up to around 7 people at once. Can be very mentally exhausting to use.


New info: Can be used against small, dumb Rahi swarms to act as a mass Rahi Control power; such Rahi have far less willpower than a person so more can be controlled with less effort.


Tyrants of this power are susceptible to turning into Tentacular mutants.


TLhikan: Igatatu (Lava Telekinesis)

Telekinetically control existing lava. Cannot create lava. Not as adept as a Toa of Lava. Mental connection with lava also often makes Tyrants with this power disoriented on other planets, so they rarely travel offworld. Tend to work on Lavaboats.


New info: Tyrants with this power who have gone offworld too much often go insane and fail to return home, seeking out the nearest powerful source of heat to live by. They can often be found at furnaces, guarding them as if they were mere Rahi. A few who have held onto some sanity live in the rare volcanoes on other planets, especially on Promathus, the most-visited planet by Tyrants. Both levels of insanity are somewhat common on Ta-Clysmax.


Tyrants of this power are also susceptible to turning into Cyclops mutants.


Toa Nidhiki05: Quantum Energy

Beam of quantum energy halts a target's motion, even in midair, and user can hold them in place or move them around. Often used to throw projectiles. Can be used as an energy bolt that halts a target for 10-15 seconds, but this is difficult and rare. Easily reflected or deflected by obstacles and Masks of Shielding or Forcefield Control. Tyrants are not immune, and users have a limited amount of energy at a time.


New info: After use, this energy naturally recharges much like a Toa's elemental energy, from the quantum energy of the universe itself all around the user. Thus nothing can stop the recharging, short of the death of the user . It's rumored that even use of the Kanohi Vahi, should one actually exist in Aethion, would not affect this recharging. On the other hand, this also means it cannot be sped up.


Takuta-Nui: Space Shift

Freely rotate a bubble of space about 33 feet or 10 meters in diameter, including everything in it, in any direction. Slices anything on the edge of the bubble. Everything in the bubble freezes in place, immune to gravity, while the effect is on. Gravity immediately resumes the instant it's turned off. Careless users could be crushed by inverted land then, for example. Tyrant is frozen too except for thoughts and senses. Some substances and forces can null the edge slicing effect. Can't be used more than once in a few hours.


New info: Tyrants with this power tend to be Deathwing pilots, since the power can be used in air too; Deathwings are designed to fit entirely within the diameter. This enables the craft to be supernaturally maneuverable, but only a single time per flight normally, so it is saved for emergencies usually.


Shadow Destroyer: Death Swarm

Briefly revive the dead to come to the users' aid. The walking corpses aren't mindless, and come back with the same loyalties they had before they died, so users must be cautious who they revive. Intelligence and power levels are weaker for the undead too.


(Partially) new info: Depending on user's mental energy, and number/mass of dead targeted, a set time of temporary life ranging from one hour to several hours goes into effect the moment the dead rise. The user cannot cut this time short after that moment, though before it they can focus to make sure it is shorter or longer. Thus if they accidently raise an enemy, they must defeat the enemy naturally or escape to wait out the time, etc.


Tyrants of this power are susceptible to turning into Skeletox mutants.


Xander004: Natural Weapons

Form nearly any melee weapon of a substance almost as strong and durable as protosteel, such as swords, shields, staffs, spikes, claws, etc. A limited shape-shifting ability; the weapon must remain connected to the user, and they can feel pain through it. Only way to get rid of it is to break it off; it disintegrates and then (new info) new energy to make another recharges over time.


Aravagantos: Celestial Gift

Trap anything above the planet's atmosphere with a forcefield, protecting it against entry friction and throwing it down. Heavier objects or more of them harder to move. Direction of fall can be controlled, unless Tyrant's focus is interrupted, in which case the shield goes away and it falls according to normal physics. Accuracy is difficult.


New info: Most Aethion planets don't have orbiting rocks, but periodic, roughly annual violent volcanic eruptions do launch a significant amount of rocks into orbit of Tanuuk. Enough that at most times of the year, there is plenty for a Tyrant to cause an impromptu meteor shower.


Note that they cannot affect, nor would they want to, their Cargo Star, since it has its own spatial motion system that holds it in place. Also, if they were to try to trap a robotic cargoshuttle or the like, they would need to see it with a telescope or such -- the rock meteor shower tactic works much more easily because the orbital rocks tend to cluster in a thin ring all around the planet, so the "net" of this power cast along that line will usually catch something.






All the nicknames for these mutation types were made up by me. All of these shapes come in a wide variety of colors as with the standard appearance.




Mutated Tyrants who originally had the power of Igatatu (Lava Telekinesis). The mutation usually occurs when an insane Igatatu Tyrant uses his power, especially offworld. Thus Cyclops are the most commonly seen Tyrant on other planets, and many of them are insane and animalistic. It can randomly occur with sane Tyrants for unknown reasons, however. The ones on Tanuuk tend to be fully or mostly sane, and can remain integrated in society.


They come in three power types; all three powers are variations on the common theme of transmutation. Note that this particular variety does tend to be colored in reds, oranges, or yellows, but there are exceptions.


Skullkid: Magma Melding

User turns into magma. Most commonly this is used to quickly travel through natural lava rivers and magma channels. Tyrants can also use it as a form of liquid intangibility, or to heal their wounds. Includes a strong, natural heat resistance. But if they stay in magma form in cooler temperatures long enough, they will turn into rock -- within a week, someone else could melt them and they would reform, but after that they would die. Also weak against Toa of Lava.


New info: Magma Melders' hands usually turn to magma before the rest of their body.


LewaLew: Self-Transmutation

User can turn into any substance they project a ray of red light upon, with invulnerability to Toa of that substance or the like. They will retain the same shape and mobility as their normal form. Ray of light only reaches a few bio. They can't transmute into complex substances like organics. Only lasts a few hours at maximum.


New info: The ray of light is projected out of the Cyclops's single eye.


~~Zarkan~~: Elemental Duplication

Control energy that can mimic elements. User shoots it at a type of matter to gain a sort of faux power over that element. Doesn't work on Psionics or Kinetics unless they activate the power the instant an opponent attacks them. Can only copy one element at a time.


New info: The bolt of energy is shot from the Cyclops's eye.





Very strong subspecies of Tyrants. Come in two main power types; the first has a rare variation however. Have an unfair reputation of being dumb brutes -- but they promote that perception on purpose because an enemy that underestimates you is even easier to defeat. Actually tend to be brilliant on-the-ground strategists. Are often guards or bounty hunters. Origin of the subspecies is unknown.


Shadow Destroyer: Acid Cloud

Exhale toxic fumes, damaging lungs of a target or even killing them if they breathe too much. Can also melt solid objects. Tyrants are immune but their armor or weapons are not.


"Parawin": Xander004: Acid/Fire Breath

Hurl streams of intense fire or acid from the mouth. Proto-glass is immune to the acid. Overuse can damage the mouth.


New info: Rare version of Acid Cloud.


vorox-kal-nuva: Rage

Anger and rage increases physical power, at the cost of mental control (without proper training).


New info: Rage Skrall Trolls are often the most feared of any Tyrant, especially the ones who have trained themselves not to give into the rage too far, so they are super-strong and still very clever.






Skeletox mutations occur rarely among users of the Death Swarm power. It seems to be entirely random, but many have undergone the transformation when reviving the dead bodies of Rahi they had hunted to the death, to serve as armies for them. This does not seem to be a requirement for the transformation however. Come in two power types:


CBW Abc8920: Necrophagy

Absorb powers from anything/anyone the user kills. Mutates user to have small physical traits of the victim, and their tissues look rotted. Rarely used.


New info: If they absorb more than one power, both will be weakened. The gained powers can gradually fade away with disuse over time as well. Tyrants can choose to neglect a power they don't like, but they cannot speedily get rid of it at will. They can also choose not to absorb a power even though they kill someone. If they continue to use a power, they can keep it indefinitely.


Another limitation is that if they try to absorb more than roughly ten powers, they would need to be using all of them almost constantly, and at such low levels as to be virtually useless, that they can just instantly lose them all and have to start over from scratch. As such they tend not to be indiscriminate killers as one might expect.


Multivac'sEntropicDilemma: Corpse Evolution

Reactive adaptation through death and reincarnation. The user can be killed any number of times, and revive with an immunity to that type of death. However, they are not immune to old age, and there is some randomness to the power. Tyrants could come back adapted to that method of killing at the expense of their mind, their mobility, etc. So Tyrants with this power usually avoid death like other beings.


New info: There are rumors that some Tyrants with this power have died due to certain methods and have not come back. Whether this is true or what those methods are, none who tell the rumor seem to know, although some pretend to. It is possible they have mistaken incidents of reincarnation into things like mindless living rocks, for example, as total death, simply by failing to notice that the rock is anything out of the ordinary.





Mutant version of Tyrants who formerly had the power of Thermal Absorption. This mutation is not accidental; it was accomplished by transforming those Tyrants to make them a more powerful version of what they were, via a mutagen that contains some Visorak venom. All Quadarms have the same power:


MechaFizz: Megalomaniacal Gluttony

Absorb energy from environment such as heat, electricity, or light, to increase speed, agility, strength, dexterity, healing, and senses. Also give off slight amounts of the energy absorbed. Heat is most commonly used. due to its abundance on Tanuuk, but is the most inefficient. User must be within several feet of the source of energy. Undisciplined users become consumed with desire to absorb more and more energy. If they absorb too much, they could explode.


(Partially) new info: Quadarms who risk being suicidally gluttonous are known as Megalomaniacs.




These Tyrants all originally had the standard power of Nervejacking, but overwhelmed themselves by trying to use it too much or with too many targets. As a result they receive one of three variations on the same theme of mind control as well as a body appearance that resembles a neuron (brain cell). They are often stigmatized by other Tyrants for their supposedly incurable lack of tactical self-control, a key factor in the Tyrant's successful hold on the planet.


This is somewhat unfair, however, and in fact many Tentaculars learn from the mistake and gain greater self-control than the average Tyrant of other types. This is partially due to the fact that all three power varieties of Tentaculars can have even more severe consequences if they are overwhelmed, so they view their mutation as a second chance.


Sometimes the stereotype is true, however -- it's just that Tentaculars who don't learn restraint tend to fall into comas, die of "mind rotting," or be killed by unruly Rahi. Thus there is usually no third chance, so these Tentaculars tend not to last long.


Kahinuva: Infection

Infect sapient species with sickness and control Rahi, similar to a Makuta's infection ability, but using a mental link that is similar to a wireless connected computer virus. Users can learn to focus to create specific illnesses, and more complicated Rahi commands. Requires concentration; difficult to use on more than ten targets, and an overwhelmed user risks falling into a coma. Easier to use on Rahi.


Janaro: Mind Corruption

Remove free will of a weak-willed being and influence their actions. Not full-blown mind control, slightly more powerful in females. Repeated use can "rot" the mind of users and targets.


New info: Mind rotting tends to be a vicious circle; a rotted mind is less able to discern when they should stop using it, and severe rotting ends up in mindless hyperactivity, which usually results in accidental death. Only low levels of mind rotting are easily recovered from.


:Yami:: Beast Control

Most Tyrants have a low-level form of this, enabling them to more easily tame small Tanuuk animals and control large ones. This mutant variety gives them full control over 10-30 smaller beasts or 5-15 larger ones, depending on mental discipline and experience. High-level users' control sometimes slips, making target Rahi unruly and dangerous to other Rahi the user is controlling, other Tyrants, or even the user.


New info: These three powers are very similar and can be mistaken for each other, so here are some differences to keep in mind. Beast Control is the only one that cannot affect sapient beings. Infection is the only one that creates a "permanent" bond (if not removed by some means). And Mind Corruption is sort of an in-between of the two. Also, Infection requires the most difficult, slower focus on the target, Mind Corruption is still a process but faster, but Beast Control is instant with most Rahi.


Perhaps the easiest way to think of it is that Infection is like Makuta's infection of Rahi and sickening of the Po-Koronans in MNOG, Mind Corruption is like an evil version of the Noble Komau, and Beast Control is more like the Makuta's actual Rahi Control power.






Tyrannical Knights are a subspecies who all serve as elite guards for Tyrant ruler palaces and such places of high importance. All Tyrannical Knights are trained from spawning to be highly adept at the use of all weapons, and martial arts. They all have the same power, but it can manifest as several radically different subpowers:


Tomdroidser: Battle Song

A musical power -- the effect produced depends on the instrument:

*Drum: Increases fighting capabilities of individuals/groups to the point equaling Brutaka

*Flute: Hypnotizes target, who obeys the thoughts of the caster.

*Trumpet: Controls weapons

*Bells/Chimes: Clears the mind of target, becoming friendly and agreeable

*Xylophone: Healing

*Guitar: The most powerful, it can control the elemental power of Sonics at Toa level

Effectiveness depends on skill with the instrument. All except Guitar can be cancelled by Toa of Sonics.


New info: The standard large sword of a Tyrannical Knight (pictured in the right hand over the shoulder) can be used as a rudimentary Drum and Xylophone, by banging on the flat of the blade or tapping on the smaller guards, giving small increases in fighting abilities and minor healing powers.


The back of the left hand has a knife blade attached which can be banged on those parts of the large sword to accomplish these effects. And because this knife need not be held, it can still be used as a weapon at any time while the large sword is put away -- so both hands can be available to hold an actual instrument.


Tyrannical Knights are the only known type of mutant Tyrants who existed at the beginning of time 500 years ago, already knowing what their job would be, and that they were indeed Tyrants, not a different species.


All Tyrants have a strong tendency to be loyal to the tyrannical goals of the species, but this is especially so with Tyrannical Knights -- they are downright obsessive. And thus while they are not really the most feared unless you happen to be a palace robber, they are the variety most slaves would think twice about taking on more than any other.


In fact, many have been known to take their obsession beyond palace guarding in their off-duty hours and work long hours tracking down refugees, but only in the local area so that they are sure they can return to work on time for their next shift.



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