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Story Time!



Yay, story time! :D


Okay, so, my parents own their own business. And as a consequence, I've worked at this business for years. However, in about 2008, in the haydays of my Bionicle obsession, I was working at a craft fair with my dad. At this craft fair, we had a photo album, and in it was a page with pictures of the kids. And for some of us, he put our nicknames. Except for me. He called me Matthew "Toa". Now, this seemed fun. But then, halfway through the weekend, a woman comes up, and as she's browsing, she looks at the photo album. For the rest of the transaction, she insisted on calling me Toa. And it felt awesome. Looking back, it's vaguely uncomfortable, but stoll awesome. Kinda.


What, that wasn't funny enough? I know, I didn't think so either :( So here's a GIF for your troubles.

Kitty Vs. Lizards!

[Don't embed images over 500kB. -Bfa]

Oops, my bad, sorry! -Not Bfa


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