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There Was A Box...





And in this box were several canisters




And in these canisters were several Toa




Now, at this point, my $28 has been made worth it. Six Toa Mata in incredible condition. But then there was more...




32 Toa heads...yes, 32. Note that neither those heads nor the rest of what I'm about to post were indicated anywhere in the eBay auction. They were a total surprise. Anyway, I spent $28 on what I thought were the six Toa...but I got 32 Toa heads, and even better, I got:




A nearly complete collection of Kanohi! Again, this was never mentioned in the auction until I opened the box. I was absolutely overjoyed as I dug through the canisters and the box, finding all the masks. But wait, it gets EVEN BETTER...




SIX infected Hau. Yes sirs, for $28, I obtained the six Toa Mata, their canisters, a nearly complete collection of their Kanohi, six infected Hau, and 32 Toa heads. What a deal!


Now, I have an offer. I will trade an infected Hau for any of the masks I'm missing. That would be a brown Kaukau, a brown Akaku, a blue Pakari, and a green Kakama. Accompanying Toa heads would be appreciated, but not necessary.


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That's just not fair.


I spent $70 on a box of generic LEGO and never got anything that good.


You lucky dog.


(Actually, the $70 box did have some nice stuff, but it was all a hodgepodge. No complete, well-conditioned sets or masks.)

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I have a brown Akaku... Want it?


Sure, I'll give you an infected Hau! PM me if you're interested, or if you're looking for another part, or money, or whatever.

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