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The RPG Mentorship Program



Tired of being dismissed as a hopeless noob without being given a shot? Want to improve your skills?


We can help!


(with that bit out of the way)


Tyler (Aegon Targaryen) and I decided to make the RPG Mentorship Program.


Basically, what will happen is this, if we get off the ground:


Applicants: You'll PM me and you'll be assigned to an experienced RPer to learn the written and implied rules, as well as improve your writing skills. They'll be there to answer questions, help you understand what you did wrong if you can't figure it out.


Mentors: You'll be paired with an applicant to guide them until they're satisfied with the result. Please be aware of what you're getting into, and that this isn't something you should sign up for and expect to not do anything. It won't be terribly hard, but...


If anyone is interested in applying for either of those spots, PM me or post here.


This is currently BZPRPG exclusive.



Aegon Targaryen

The 14th Lakefish


A billion kittens

Lloyd: The White Wolf



Pending: Hubert



Lt. Obvious- Assigned to Kittens

Emissary- Iskander

Mr. House- Aegon Targaryen

The X- Lloyd

Varren Rehn- Kughii

Kughii- The 14th Lakefish


If I missed anyone, tell me.


Recommended Comments

This is super cool! I might think about trying to join the BZPRPG again now! Considering how badly that last time went, it wouldn't be hard for this try to be much much better. =P


With that other amazing post a few days ago and this one in one blog... If blog approvals were still a thing I would approve this blog.


But they aren't.


So I won't.

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