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AccelePedia Forums Upgraded to IP.Board!

Art Vandelay


blog-0635737001376723610.pngThe AccelePedia was once the largest Hot Wheels AcceleRacers / World Race wiki and community. For a few years, it remained a thriving place, but then a major data loss began to kill it off. When I recently realized the AccelePedia was near death, I knew I had to do something about it. So I proposed a plan for a complete and much needed overhaul of the site and forums and assembled a staff to help me with it. The site hasn't been updated since 2006, and the phpBB forums since 2007. That all changed today, when I installed IP.Board. If you are unfamiliar with what IP.Board is, it is the same exact forum software BZP runs on! The drastic change in AccelePedia's forums nearly brought tears to my eyes. My first online community finally has rebounded, after all these years. Aside from BZP, you won't find a better community than the AccelePedia anywhere on the internet. As a side note, BZP and AccelePedia actually share a few members aside from myself.


I invite you all to be a part of this rejuvenated community, whether you're a fan of Hotwheels and cars in general or not. Myself and my fellow staff members have worked extremely hard every single day preparing for this upgrade and the upcoming site upgrade for the past month and a half. And I kid you not when I say EVERY SINGLE DAY. So please, at least give the AccelePedia a look, and join if you like what you see. And please spread the word about the AccelePedia if you like it! We need all the members we can get!


You can visit the AccelePedia at: http://www.accelepedia.com/mb3


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