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I'm Done

Inferna Firesword


I've been thinking about making a final break with BZP for a long time now. Heck, I've been doing so in all but name for the last year or so, when I was barely active. But after this latest hack, enough is enough.


Most of my work is gone, victims of the various hackings and data losses. Most of my friends have left already. My reader base here is not enough for me to have the motivation to continue Wings or Break of Day -- here, anyway.


My friends know where to find me online: I use this same name on most of the other sites I'm on. I'd list them, but I don't trust the site enough for them to not have their names removed when I bring them up. If you see me there, comment or send a note and mention how I know you; I'll reply pretty quickly.


It's been fun, BZP, but all things come to an end. Happy Halloween.


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Well, that's a shame. You know things are bad if Inferna is leaving. :/


Haven't spoken to you much in the last few years, but you'll still be missed by me and many others. I'm kind of in the same boat as you, in the sense that I (unoficially) jumped ship from BZP a long time ago. I still hang around and occasionally post, though; I just don't feel like it's worth sinking so much time into this site when it could get deleted at a moments notice, or your membership put on indefinite hiatus while the forums are taken down for months. I know that isn't the BZP staff's fault (far from it), but it still doesn't make it feel any better.


TO SUMMARIZE: I can definitely relate, still sucks though, see you around the internet. :P



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