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Day 01: The Adventure Begins




Day 01: The Adventure Begins


I have decided to keep a log of my new adventure until it reaches its conclusion, since it is pretty interesting. I forgot my name while sleeping, but that’s cool. My name was always Link before, right? Everybody seems to call me that, so I certainly hope so.


I accidentally slept in again, but luckily the Captain forgot his sword at the blacksmith’s; I was “punished” with taking the sword back to him instead, only… well, I haven’t seen the Captain since. By the time I had tracked him down to the Sanctuary, some weirdo calling himself Yuga had gotten there before me and turned the Captain into a painting. I tried to stop him from doing the same to Seres, but he just tossed me aside like a bag of rocks. Apparently she was a descendant of the Seven Sages from the past, but I sure wasn’t given much time to think on that! I was rescued by a strange merchant known as Ravio, and he leant me a Bow & Arrow to aid me in my search of another Sage, Osfala (but I’ll get back to him later). He also gave me a bracelet that smells like wet dogs, but he refused to let me give it back.


I visited Hyrule Castle first. Before I informed the Princess of what happened, I got to look at these really cool paintings about some battle between good and evil long ago. I told Zelda about what happened at the Sanctuary and she gave me this green pendant and told me to search out Sahasrahla, the elder of Kakariko Village. I dunno what he does, but the moment I got there he told me to go find this Osfala dude.


I’d probably be the same if I had that much power, but that Osfala dude was pretty egotistical. Why Sahasrahla was worried about him I don’t even know, but let’s just say I didn’t quite make it to Osfala in time… or rather, I did, but he wouldn’t listen to me. By the time I caught up with him Yuga had turned him into a painting as well…. I fought Yuga, but he defeated me easily and turned me into a painting as well. Luckily, that bracelet Ravio gave me must have some weird magic stuff going on, because I was able to pull myself free of the wall! I can become a painting on walls now, but it’s still kinda weird. What if it rains? Will I melt off the wall?


Hyrule Castle has been overtaken by Yuga, so I must go off in search of these pendants of something or other, I suppose. Apparently I’m the only one who can stop Yuga – but I gotta wonder why I can’t have a couple guards help me, or maybe the Blacksmith. Heck, Ravio is the one renting all these items to me, why can’t it be him?


Regardless – whatever is going on here, I’m going to find out. And once I do, I am probably going to be suckered into continuing this adventure. Peace out.




PS. Here’s one of those paintings I was talking about. Pretty cool, huh?




This will be a (hopefully daily) series logging my adventures in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds as Link.


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I should've known you were going to do something like this...very well done.


And as for me, I just rescued the sage *****, so yeah. 7 out of the 12 dungeons done now.



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I clicked on the link to this entry that is in my sig seconds after you commented... o_O


I'm going to have fun with this - I have Day 2 in mind already.

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