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BZPowerCraft #23-24: Details and Sign Ups



So, here's how things are shaking up Friday and Saturday, #23's game type will be either NAIL PVP or something of the like, and #24's will be Last Man Standing PVP HARDCORE.


For those who don't remember #18, the last with Hardcore. It means that we will have no natural health regen, meaning only Potions and Golden Apples will regain health for you. Be warned.


So, I would prefer if you cannot make it for one, and make it for the other, ONLY SIGN UP for that other one, just specify which. If you can for sure make it for both, you are welcome to sign up for them. Without further ado...



  1. MatoroIgnika(I'm the officiator okay?)
  2. Burnmad(Host)
  3. Nara(Backup Host)
  4. Ddude
  5. Blade
  6. ToaN
  7. Ehks
  8. Scanty
  9. Bambi
  10. Ry
  11. Avohkah Tamer
  12. Electric Turahk
  13. Commander Viral
  14. Chols

BZPowerCraft #24:

  1. MatoroIgnika
  2. Burnmad(Host)
  3. Nara(Backup Host)
  4. Ddude
  5. Blade
  6. ToaN
  7. Scanty
  8. Bambi
  9. Unit
  10. Chols
  11. Humva
  12. N/A
  13. N/A
  14. N/A

The server details will be PMed out to you prior to the games on Friday, see you guys then. c:


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