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Jingle Harmonica (Christmas Stuff)



I hate the word loot.


A full list of what I got:

Nexus 5 as a combination birthday-Christmas. (Yes, my birthday is in July, no, this doesn't have sanity)

Google Play gift cards.

Packing peanuts. My cousin packed a gift card in peanuts.


The pun war has begun.


A ton of wrapping paper (my other cousin has way too much time on her hands and decided to wrap my gift card in like fifteen different layers, all different patterns).


A hundred dollars worth of guitar lessons.


A trip to Great Wolf.




Phone case.


Doctor Who socks.


And, finally, a harmonica. I don't know what seized my aunt to get me a harmonica of all things, but I like it.


My family on the other hand...


There's only so many times one can hear a horrendous first line of Let It Be without wanting to kill the harmonica player.


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