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Rarity Takes Manehattan



Not at my sister's, she's coming over instead. Hopefully not during the episode!


33 Minutes left!


So, this is Friendship is Manly?


Oooooookay... What was the point of that? Anyway, episode is about to start!


First Rarity episode since, like, season 2!


No ticket for Spike?


Aha, commercials. We meet again


Lego Movie commercial :o


The more I see those commercials, the dumber it looks


Alright we're back


I wonder if the.. Actually, nevermind. I'd probably get in trouble


Let's see of this song is good. So far they haven't been that great


I wonder if Spidercolt is there?


That Grumpy Cat thing is just stupid. People are so impressionable


Okay, still no good songs...




Hey, I thought Bumblebee got his voice back?


Oh no not those Tummy Stuffers


Who really gets a parent's permission to go online?


Aaaaaand we're back!


Whooooah she's ugly


huhuheh okay


That's gonna turn out bad


She didn't say coffee right! New Yorkers say "Cawfee"


I feel commercials coming on...


Dat fabric


le gasp!


Woooow these movies that are coming out look absolutely stupid


Party in the Tub Light? I don't even I can't fa6 y7n








She sounds kinda like Spike


That pony is cute <3


Alright episode. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't outstanding or anything. Definitely better than last week's episode


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I felt it was a fantastic episode. But then again, it was a Rarity episode, and those have a good track record for being fantastic. Great lesson, great song(s) (personally, I think this and "Hearts as Strong as Horses" have both been pretty excellent, though I was more or less indifferent to the one in "Bats!"), great new character designs, great exploration of a location that we have never gotten to explore in detail.


I agree that the pony with a grumpy cat cutie mark was just plain silly, but it was just a sight gag so it didn't bog down the scene with excessive topicality. A person watching the scene in forty years who has never heard of the "grumpy cat" meme will be able to understand the scene just as much as anyone watching it now. So I don't think it was really a bad idea, just a silly one.

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I didn't even catch that pony. Or apparently the Fifth Doctor cameo. (Both of which I'd like to see just 'cause, please. :P)


I think the only disappointment was no Babs Seed appearance.

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