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Building Again




It's been awhile BZP. A long while actually. Over two years since my last build.

(Kreger, which I built in Dec of 2011 but didn't post until June 2012).

But I'm back at it again, and, hopefully, I'll be building considerably more frequently. I brought some pieces out of storage to my apartment, so the plan is to build more. We'll see how that goes.

Anyways, onto the more important thing:


(Click for larger size)

First off, you'll have to pardon me on the photo. My lightbox got destroyed in all of my moving around and I seemed to have misplaced my lamps/camera/tripod, so all I have right now is my cell phone and terrible lighting.

Man did it feel good to sit down with my pieces all spread out and put stuff together though. Definitely something that I have been missing. I can't wait to build some more.

I'll be seeing you around BZP.



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Duuuuude, it's so good to see your name again. It's been sad without anything from you. The build looks really promising, I'd love to see more pictures, especially more angles on the torso. Looks good.

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Even with just a camera, you can do a pretty decent picture with some patience. I had a setup like this, and it worked quite well for me for some time. Use sheets or white paper for background, use white sheets or pillows as reflectors, a good lamp for your main light source, and make sure that when you take the photo you brace yourself, stay steady, perhaps even hold your breath as you press the button so you don't get that last-second jiggle.


You probably already knew this, but I thought it might help to mention.


It is a good feeling to get back into it, isn't it? :) I'm going through a similar experience now too. Good to see you around!

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