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Who Made Brutaka Mahri?



I realize this is a longshot, and unsure if this is the best place to ask, but I've been trying to figure out how to find and contact the MOCist/artist who made this image of Brutaka in Mahri Nui, for permission to use in my Bionicle retelling:




It's been very confusing; one person I asked told me he wasn't the originator, and doesn't know who was. (On deviantart.) Most other references appear to be on wikis, where the member who put it on the wikis is long inactive, some of them speaking only foreign languages apparently. I found one that mentioned "Bionicle Zone", giving me hope that maybe, just maybe, it was posted by the originator here and maaaybe someone remembers who it was?


Anybody know?


'Cuz it would be a shame not to include it. :P


I also found it in one brickshelf along with that famous image of Brutaka Mahri on a fake LEGO box -- it appears to be the same MOC?? (The box pic is useless to me, but maybe someone instead remembers who made that... etc.)


If by chance "Makuta7" (the brickshelf user name) is the creator, is that a member here by some other name maybe? There's no way to contact a brickshelf username as far as I know.


In other news, artists, make sure to check out my previous entry: ARTISTS WANTED! Bionicle Retelling Art Wishlist Updates


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I seem to recall it being posted here originally, but I have no clue who did so this many years after the fact.

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I definitely remember seeing a topic for this way back in the day, but it would've been deleted along with the old forums. I've no clue who the original artist is.


You might be able to find the topic in the Wayback Machine, but it would probably take awhile.


EDIT: A quick Google Image Search led me to this Blogspot post, in the comments is someone named DavidCNelson, who is also a member here. The comments on his profile confirm that it was his MOC, but he hasn't been active in over a year.

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Thanks, Primis. I've PMed him. Still a longshot, but maybe he'll decide to check back.


I just noticed, though, that BS01 says that Brutaka's species has a quirk, so that while he became a waterbreather immediately his physical form took much longer to change significantly. So I guess the image is technically made not very accurate by this. If I get no reply I guess I'll have to go with that excuse. Still...

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