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Retelling Updates



Some quick updates about the progress on the retelling of all Bionicle history that I'm working on (The Destiny of Bionicle):


1) Artists still wanted! Top priority is art that applies for the pre-Core War period up to the Shattering (first 10 chapters).


2) That is because I have decided to try reeeeally hard to begin posting before February is up, whether or not I finish the entire story yet. Assuming I can get the needed art (I'm doing some myself, a few artists have expressed interest in doing some of the others), I want to launch the first ten chapters on a weekly basis from there. After that, we'll see if I need to take breaks to double-check everything, etc.


3) Of the planned 90 chapters (which I'm now virtually certain won't be changed), there are only 10 and about a half left to write. I'm working on the point where the Nuva, Ignika, etc. have entered the Codrex, about to reawaken Mata Nui. Then, the other ten chapters will be devoted to the 2009-2010 plot.


4) Just to give you an idea of what to expect, most of the story actually spends its time in Matoran history, expanding on things like the rule of the Barraki and the Matoran Civil War. Most of the main canon plot, starting with the flashbacks, goes by fairly fast, as so much has been written about it already. My main goal is to tell a fast-paced, engaging plot that connects all of it together in a new way but is true to 95% of how it happened canonically.


Of the 2001-03, and 2006-2008 plots, in some cases there are only a few chapters per year (though most of those are at my working maximum chapter length of 20 pages). Karda Nui (2008) plot for example has proved to only take up three chapters. But by contrast, the last ten chapters will tell of just two real-world years of plot, in part because many people felt that was rushed canonically. I do show all the core events in each year. Also, I've tried to make this a clear framework for understanding the chronological order of events, so some things I don't have space to feature do get alluded to, so you know when they happened.


One thing I expect to slow me down working on the last ten chapters, which will focus on Bara Magna of course, is what threads to include from the MU Reign of Teridax side of things. A ton happens there, but I may have to distill it down to just one chapter (probably told a bit out of order from Bara Magna; I have a handful of chapters like that but make it clear in-story -- I think my non-canon protagonist won't learn what was going on there until Tahu and Takanuva emerge).


5) Art! Make art! :P


6) Speaking of art, in addition to old art of mine that fits with this story (ex: Turaga Takanuva from my story Sacrifice is being repurposed for the Kingdom of Mata Nui), and things used with permission by other artists, here's a list of things I've drawn so far for the story (all on paper, not counting the Tren Krom thing I've already posted, so far none colored, but we'll see):

-a protodite, as I imagine it would look under the microscope, based on the Protodax set but also meant as a coolification of that

-a stylized version of the Adaptive Hau, intended for the time during the Makuta's reign

-an interpretation of Tuyet's mask, based on one done by an artist who has already given permission for an image of Tuyet (Saronicle), for the Toa Empire Tuyet

-my attempt of the Mask of Creation*

-Mutran's pet rock, inside a box (as described in my story), long before it became the Mountain of Xia.

-Miserix's Kanohi, meant to go with a part of the earlier story when he is in humanoid form rather than the dragon form

-"Turaga" Ahkmou


*Speaking of that, it looks like there's a clear winner in the poll I posted about the name of the Mask of Creation. Motara, of the Po-Wahi Motara Desert, and that people apparently want it canonized. Interesting turn of events, not sure if canonization will be feasible, but I think it has grown on me enough to use, at least, in my retelling. Unless the poll dramatically changes in the future, that's what I'm now planning.


The justification is that since all mask names are confirmed to mean the English term for their power in Matoran, so "Vahi" means "Time", etc. that the Po-Matoran, who of course love making stone sculptures, decided to "think positive" and call it the Creation Desert (rather than like... the desert of death or something lol :P). It can't be that they actually named it after the mask, apparently, as they did not know of it (the Turaga didn't -- maybe Whenua might have heard of a legend of it, but it's not necessary).


Someone suggested that it wouldn't make sense to use a name from the 2001 map, because the others used like this for canonizations were all of people. But it seems to me this line of reasoning misses the point that part of the reason that stopped happening is it was getting old to use all of them for people. In real life, look at street names. Many are named after people, even people you might never have heard of but were once important locally, but then there's something that are named after trees that are or used to be in the area, and others after concepts (even the old "main" street type thing). So a variety in naming schemes makes sense.



7) While the above things are drawn they aren't yet scanned. Been having troubles in that area which are allegedly fixed, but I still have to draw a few non-canon things, and maybe some canon-related things, for at least the first 10 chapters before I start posting, and figure I'll try to scan all of what I have so far at once then. (I may then print some to color the printout, something I've done before as using colored pencils on the original sketch, if you mess up, can ruin the image, and then re-scan, but it all depends on if I end up having time.) Regardless, I think I will opt to release each new part with its corresponding chapter rather than up front, maybe with one or two exceptions. If the scanner I think will work doesn't, there's some backup options I'll try, so don't worry, somehow or another I'll get them into the digital realm.


8) I've also done two things in LEGO Digital Designer for the story; a non-canon Av-Matoran in standard colors (guess what mask he wears... yeah that's right, the only mask they have! lol -- that being the Hau) for 2008 plot, and a type of robot I have theorized may exist (as I've mentioned in ST before) explaining how Matoran work on the lands, like Metru Nui, causes repairs to happen throughout the robot including places they aren't even allowed to know exist.


The latter plot element used in my story is fairly early on, I forget exactly which chapter, but 15 at the latest, so I should be posting a MOC topic for it on BZP soon. I designed them to resemble a fusion of a hovering pickup truck and a Bohrok (the theory is partly inspired by Bohrok, of course), and even came up with a tentative name for them, Bahkiril, or maybe Bohkiril, or maybe dropping the h (if anyone has a specific preference, lemme know :P). The idea there is the theory that the GBs use B plus a vowel (a or o) for their robots, then plus a suffix. Ba-terra, Bo-hrok, Ba-hrag (notice too that "hrok and hrag" are variants of the same root idea too; g is the voiced version of k in linguistics). "Kiril" here is from the Mask of Regeneration, and as repair robots they are regenerating the giant robot in a sense.


9) Da artserzorz!


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I would be happy to draw another one. Aside from the Vorox/Zesk original forms (which I think Kromhuwki is doing), which of the pre-Core War drawings still need to be done?

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Well, it looks like NuvaTube will be doing the main thing that needs done, the Glatorian form of the guy who would later become the Jungle Element Lord. I also need Annona, but I have found a good one on deviantart and will be asking that artist, if NT can't do it. Everything else major that I need for that time, I plan to draw myself. :)

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