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Blade spleefed Burn, Ddude killed Blade, Bambi died in a fire (or maybe lava), I was teleported to Chols and killed him, then Chols and I teamed up for a bit, the Wonder Twins got split up in a mesa (should have killed him there, but more on that later), I killed Ddude in an epic mountaintop duel, then Chols succumbed to his chronic backstabbing disorder before getting the axe from Mat, who fell himself when Unit unleashed the hounds.


For my first combat BZPc, it was pretty entertaining - I'll definitely have to look into enchanting stuff next time, though.

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Oh boy, Cholie killed you? xP


Congrats, though, on killing my killer. We should team next time, as I don't plan on repeating this contest's strategy. >_^

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