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Filli Vanilli



Before I begin, lemme just update you all on my current situation. We got our power back around 3:43 today, but I'm not one hundred percent sure it will stay on since I've been hearing how people got theirs back and then lost it. But I'm enjoying it while we have it, 64 degrees feels so warm compared to the 43ish degrees we've been living on. Anyway, on to ponies!


Starting off with a song, eh?


That part will get stuck in my head...


Why is she acting like that?


*skips theme song*


Heaven exists there?


Ponytones? lol


I wish Pinkie would just go away...


Stage fright, riiight... Like on Green isn't Your Color


Oh, I thought they were parodying Deftones with the name


In other news, anyone hear about how there's apparently going to be 5 more years of pony? I don't think they should be making that official. They can't drag this on for five more seasons, assuming that's what they meant. It'll die like The Clone Wars


How could Fluttershy replace Big Mac?


Can we just do something with Pinkie?


Deep voice to replace Big Mac's makes me think Flutterguy




And that reminds me of Andy Griffith


What is that???


That doesn't sound like Flutterguy


lol Spike


Random Cheerilee




Who's that filly?


That's soooo not the original Flutterguy voice


That kid is annoying


This new Flutterguy voice is annoying


How long does it take for Big Mac's voice to get better?




That sounded like the dragon from Dragonshy


The more I see of Pinkie, the more I hate her...


Really, can we just kill her or something?


And I hate seeing Fluttershy act like a crybaby


Twilight still looks goofy with wings


So, how many episodes have their been so far about Fluttershy getting over some fear?


That's a voice clip from Swarm of the Century


And there we have it, another meh episode for the season


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